BACK TO THE FUTURE | Find out why Samplemed has always been at the future of underwriting

BACK TO THE FUTURE | Find out why Samplemed has always been at the future of underwriting

By Samplemed - 21 September 2023
As a proud Brazilian Insurtech, the life underwriting technology developed by Samplemed has been recognized as the “state of the art” and attracted new markets across the globe. With a full schedule in 2023, in addition to various activities in Brazil, they were present at events in Barcelona, London, and next in Las Vegas as  one of the Sponsors of the LATAM Pavillon at ITC Vegas 2023.
This expansion of the company is the result of a long journey dedicated to Innovation and constant learning within the market.
With more than 35 years of intelligence in Life and Health underwriting, Samplemed:
  • Started operations as paramedical exams exams provider with house visits for the market (2002)
  • South America’s tele-underwriting pioneer with over 12 years of sucessful operation (2011)
  • Celebrated its 1st 100% Digital product – your automated underwriting engine (2018)
  • Leveraged its internationalization process with international reinsurance clients (2019)
  • Announced the creation of 10 predictive models, unique on the market to include anonymized medical udw data (2020)
  • Consolidated its expertise by launching the Samplemeds Interactive Underwriting Manual (2022)
  • All are available today through its new Saas – the s.360


Representing its strong innovative legacy, s.360 runs in the cloud and – as explaned – centralizes all Solutions for Life Underwriting above employing cutting-edge technology, security, and quality – which are attested by its ISO27001 and ISO9001 certifications. Not to forget, it also includes automated actuarial studies to analyze portfolio experience and it flexible to attach to any BI tool.
Today, Samplemed is proud of its international operations with clients in the United States, Spain, Italy, Brazil, Mexico, and Guatemala. The client’s portfolio includes 15 insurers of multi-national brands, local insurers of all sizes, and well as 3 reinsurers from Europe and Latam. All trust Samplemed’s underwriting intelligence.
If you’d like to learn more about ways Samplemed can help your company move into the future of underwriting, get in touch ou visit them at ITC VEGAS – LATAM Pavillon.

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