Verisk’s FAST Technology Enhances TruStage Annuity Offerings

Verisk’s FAST Technology Enhances TruStage Annuity Offerings

By Verisk - 22 September 2023

Bringing greater speed to market and operational efficiency, Verisk is helping TruStage meet shifting market demands and regulatory changes


Emphasizing its commitment to innovation, TruStage Annuities has capitalized on Verisk (Nasdaq: VRSK), a leading global data analytics and technology provider, and its FAST platform to bolster the efficiency of its annuity offerings, including the continued evolution of its registered index linked annuity (RILA) designed to meet market demands.


Harnessing the power of FAST, the RILA product was brought to market rapidly and updated based on market feedback. The flexibility of FAST enables TruStage to support existing products, serving to counteract the challenges often posed by frequent product variations and regulatory changes, allowing for enhanced operational efficiencies.


“Verisk’s FAST platform has allowed us to streamline integration and set the stage for future growth and innovation,” said Dave Hanzlik, Vice President, Annuity and Retirement Solutions at TruStage. “As our business continues to evolve to meet shifting market demands, our technology is poised to help us preempt change. TruStage’s investment in the FAST platform highlights our commitment to helping our clients get access to a brighter financial future.”


Tom Famularo, managing director and co-founder of Verisk’s FAST, echoed this sentiment, “Our FAST team embodies adaptability. When our customers are ready to forge ahead, we respond with agile, pioneering technology and processes, helping to accelerate their digital transformation faster than they thought possible.”


To support life and annuity insurers across the policy life cycle, Verisk has developed a suite of solutions that apply advanced analytics, automation and machine learning to existing and emerging data sources. The solutions are designed to help transform current workflows in life insurance underwriting, claim insights, policy administration, unclaimed property/equity, compliance and fraud detection, and actuarial and portfolio modeling.


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