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Life Inforce Policy Service

Life Inforce Policy Service

Big Data provides an enormous opportunity on blocks of Inforce Policy Management business. It can be used for predictive modeling for underwriting, policy persistency, lapse trends, new sales opportunities, and many more critical analysis benefits for a carrier and distributor. This page will explore data mining and analytics, and introduce you to solution providers that can turn the data into new opportunities. Inforce Platforms are designed for an advisor to monitor their block of business and do client policy reviews. There are consumer Mobile Apps where a client can make changes through Inforce Policy Management system.

Inline Classic

LifetimeService is a self-service platform that puts your policyholders in charge of their life insurance, easily and intuitively, allowing you to configure the experience you want your policyholder to have, including branding, layouts, workflows, and policy data.

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Proformex delivers visibility, collaboration and performance reporting for advisors in a single, secure platform.

Consolidate your book of business into one system of record, regardless of carrier or distribution channel. Track policy performance relative to client objectives throughout the life of the contract. Never miss a lapse-pending policy or conversion opportunity and protect client outcomes.

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