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Life Inforce Policy Service

Life Inforce Policy Service

Big Data provides an enormous opportunity on blocks of Inforce Policy Management business. It can be used for predictive modeling for underwriting, policy persistency, lapse trends, new sales opportunities, and many more critical analysis benefits for a carrier and distributor. This page will explore data mining and analytics, and introduce you to solution providers that can turn the data into new opportunities. Inforce Platforms are designed for an advisor to monitor their block of business and do client policy reviews. There are consumer Mobile Apps where a client can make changes through Inforce Policy Management system.

NIC is a multi-carrier in force data and technology platform that empowers life insurance Distributors and Agents with access to their in force life and annuity data.  NIC partners directly with Carriers to receive daily data feeds and automatically generate sales and service opportunities from the in force data, helping Distributors and Agents to monetize their book.

LifetimeService is a self-service platform that puts your policyholders in charge of their life insurance, easily and intuitively, allowing you to configure the experience you want your policyholder to have, including branding, layouts, workflows, and policy data. It’s a complete self-service suite, available on web browsers and native mobile apps, that puts all your policyholder’s information at their fingertips. LifetimeService is your policyholders’ one-stop digital service shop for paying premiums, keeping contact information up to date, managing beneficiaries, checking cash-value policy performance, retrieving documents, making withdrawals, and more.


Sureify is also the fastest to market – LifetimeService can be implemented in as little as 6 months and can be integrated directly with policy administration systems for a comprehensive digital transformation. The leap from the world of forms and faxes will dramatically increase policyholder satisfaction, improve your servicing department’s efficiency, and reduce costs across the board in a 100% secure environment. LifetimeService allows your policyholders to manage inforce policies at their convenience delivering the modern technology experience that is expected today. 

Visit sureify.com/lifetime-service/ to learn more.

Proformex Life Insurance Policy Management Software

Proformex is a platform built for the life insurance industry that revolutionizes inforce policy management for independent agents, advisors, and trustees. Our in-force policy management software provides powerful portfolio analytics, individual contract monitoring, and easy-to-use policy review reporting tools, putting oversight and control at your fingertips.

When was the last time you reviewed and managed your client’s in-force policies?

White Paper: The Policy Review Dilemma

Due to its complex and time-consuming nature, most agents are not focusing their energy on ongoing policy performance monitoring. But policy monitoring is crucial to meeting policy owner expectations throughout the life of their contract. To learn more about how automating policy performance with a solution like Proformex can help, download our latest white paper.

Insured Connect is a cloud-based platform that connects Carriers, Distributors, Advisors, and Policy Owners into a single ecosystem. Insured Connect and its affiliated companies have been working in the insurance industry for more than 20 years aggregating data and creating technology solutions. For the past ten years in Canada, Insured Connect’s sister company Ticoon has been aggregating investment, banking, and insurance data.

Insured Connect’s platform is called ‘NIC’ and it is comprised of four (4) main applications for the four (4) customers in the insurance distribution chain: Insurance Carriers (“NICcarrier”) , Distributors (“NICdistributor”), Advisors (“NICadvisor”) and Policy Owners (“NICpolicyowner”). The four applications create an ecosystem for the servicing and management of in-force policies. Insured Connect works behind the scenes as a “secure data transfer” partner, or “service bureau” to the industry, making it easier for insurance companies to push their data to one source while providing Distributors and Advisors with a single solution to access all of their in force business. NIC operates on a modern cloud-based and open architecture that enables Carriers and Distributors to integrate their apps, tools and business services, making it much easier for everyone to do business.

Specialties:  Data Aggregation, Data Analytics, Workflow and Automation, and Customer Communications and Engagement Data Feeds:  Able to receive ACORD 1203 Holding Transmittal Transactions Security:  Data feeds may include PII/PHI data.

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