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Document Management

Document Management

Document Management includes several categories such as storing documents securely, and easily organizing documents for easy filing and retrieval. It also includes exchanging documents securely through a document exchange or with secure email. The last category is digitizing documents so that documents can be converted accurately into data.

PaperClip Virtual Client Folder

PaperClip Virtual Client Folder is a true cloud-born content management service enabling customers of all sizes to store documents in their original digital format, effortlessly transforming a traditionally based process into a paperless one. Tailored industry workflows, vcf4LIFE, vcf4Securities, and vcf4Compliance standardize filing requirements for communications and SEC/FINRA compliance for archive and retention.

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PaperClip eM4 Proof Agreement

Finally, an e-Signing tool that makes sense! PaperClip recognized the utility of email as a communications tool capable of more value add to the business environment. Now with eM4 Proof of Agreement (POA), the industry can enjoy an Electronic Signature (E-Sign) experience with no setup required, evidence of the event, and Disinterested Third-Party Audit.

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PaperClip Mojo

Everybody talks about big data with many uses starting with predictive analytics, what you never hear is how do we create usable big data and that is PaperClip Mojo, where big data begins.

PaperClip Mojo is a new Platform as a Service born in Microsoft Azure Cloud combining leading-edge Artificial Intelligent with Crowd Sourcing for Big Data processing. The ability to transcribe, translate and the interpretation of Big Data faster and more accurately than ever before is a “Game Changer”.

Click here for the InsurTech Express Mojo Store page: Mojo Paperclip

PaperClip Internet Express

Internet eXpress was designed to be the internet version of Federal Express, simply, the electronic alternative. Internet eXpress Service deployed in 1998 exchanges over 6 million documents monthly between 900+ trading partners. Trading partners of all sizes with the need to exchange electronic documents both ways knew “One to One” models were not efficient and chose Internet eXpress, a “Many to Many” model which partners could easily connect to and pay for what they used. Internet eXpress supports the Electronic Document eXchange Standard 3.1 (EDX), a public standard for packaging and indexing electronic documents (i.e., TIFF, PDF, DOC, XLS, WAV, etc.) for exchange.

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