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Revolutionize InsurTech: InsurTech Express Launches InsurTech Navigator AI
By - June 20 2024
InsurTech Express is thrilled to announce the launch of InsurTech Navigator AI, a revolutionary platform set to transfor..
How tech will revolutionize health care and life insurance
By - June 18 2024
In today’s rapidly evolving world, where digital transformation is reshaping every sector, both the health care and li..
Insurance Illustrations: AI Generated Predictions Become The New Must-Have Insurance Tool
By - June 12 2024
Originally posted by: NAIFA Earlier this year, I encountered a remarkable AI tool with transformative capabilities. T..
Incorporating QA Automation to Build a Strong Brand Image for Insurance Carriers
By - May 14 2024
In the insurance industry, the relationship between quality assurance (QA) and brand image is pivotal. Quality assurance..
Gain a competitive advantage with the right digital health data strategy
By - May 13 2024
Electronic Health Records (EHRs) are an essential and strategic data asset in life insurance underwriting The use of da..
Digital transformation: How tech is shaping the life insurance landscape
By - April 29 2024
In exploring the current landscape of life insurance technology, my focus is squarely on the present, sidestepping both ..
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