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Data tools

Data tools

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Phonexa is a marketing automation solution which powers Carriers, Agents, and lead generators by optimizing inbound web and call campaigns, and outbound call, email, and SMS campaigns while increasing compliance and enhancing the consumer journey.

Complete with a suite of turnkey marketing products and solutions, Phonexa’s customizable tools are uniquely designed to maximize workflow efficiency and revenue. Phonexa has the scalability, tools, and partnerships to serve clients with high consumer demand products and services.

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Diameter Health Fusion

Fusion’s automated Upcycling Data™ process, which normalizes and enriches raw clinical data for both machine and human use, makes clinical data from EHRs usable to drive real-time underwriting and risk analytics. Carriers, aggregators, and re-insurers benefit from greater insights into applicant health issues without the delays and costs of traditional health assessments or PDF Attending Physician Statements.

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Trusty.care is a complete, end-to-end solution that easily communicates between field, telephonic, and direct to consumer sales. We streamline the sales, commission, licensing and contracting process for insurance distributors while significantly improving member retention for payers and providers. Trusty.care’s software suite provides stakeholders with key information including integrated Shop to Enroll, sales reporting, campaign reporting, field broker support, licensing, contracting, telephonic sales, and consumer tools.


AdamsBridge Global is known for medical data annotation and providing high end resources for staff augmentation, managed services, captive, and semi-captive centers in the Insurance, Life Settlement, Trials and Real Estate verticals.


LexisNexis® ThreatMetrix® for Insurance is a crowdsourced repository of global digital transaction intelligence that combines offline behavior with online transaction insights to better confirm identities, prevent fraud and provide a seamless customer experience.

LexisNexis® Risk Classifier with Medical Data integrates behavioral and medical history into a single underwriting model. This helps enable life insurers to better understand and segment risk, minimize invasive requirements and accelerate the underwriting decision process.

As an interactive single-inquiry solution, LexisNexis® Life Data Prefill helps streamline the insurance process at the point of application, reducing the time and cost of capturing some of the data necessary to help properly evaluate your applicants.

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Life Risk Navigator

Digitization in the life insurance industry has helped to lower barriers to entry, squeezing profit margins and amplifying the need for modern systems and advanced risk analytics.

Life Risk Navigator, a cloud-based stochastic risk modeling platform, offers in-depth portfolio analytics to help enhance risk selection, quantify changes in mortality rate, improve hedging strategies, and drive better financial decision-making.

TrueRisk® Life

TrueRisk® Life is a credit-based insurance score that is predictive of mortality and lapse for use across the life insurance policy lifecycle. Validated by RGA, TrueRisk Life consists of only credit-based data attributes and is provided as a score ranging from 1 to 100 (low risk to high risk).

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TruAudience® Platform is a powerful tool for people-based marketing that enables insurers to create and activate audiences for relevant experiences — all while leveraging first- and third-party data and insights to better understand and optimize marketing objectives with speed, ease and transparency. The comprehensive identity and people-based marketing technology develops a more complete picture of consumers, identifies the right consumers to target, builds audiences with speed and ease, and deploys them across multiple channels and devices.

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Health Intelligence Platform

Accelerate all underwriting with one platform that connects to every online and offline health data source.

Sell more policies and deliver better customer experiences with comprehensive access to Electronic Health Records (EHRs).

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InsureSight® leverages data analytics and AI to offer you a holistic view of your operations to help improve performance and drive growth. Identify markets for entry by analyzing the white space for your product portfolio, and gain insight into the industry and how you stack up with the competition. Scorecard views provide easy snapshots on the performance metrics of carriers, distributors and/or agents, and real-time reporting ensures the data is as fresh as possible. CLICK HERE TO VISIT INSURESIGHT

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Data Science Services

eNoah’s data science services stem from our fruitful collaboration with leading Ivy League colleges such as IIT, a dedicated research facility where we brainstorm with scholars and professors, leading experts in their fields, to rapidly develop innovative new solutions.


Using these tools, our team of experienced analysts creates domain-focused solutions that meet client specific needs. We provide accurate and meaningful insights that will drive your business decisions, enabling you to maximize productivity with faster turnaround times and more efficient business processes.


Our solutions focus on extracting valuable and relevant data points from vast amounts of raw and unstructured information. These key insights help management make important business decisions that can help reduce customer churn, improve customer satisfaction, and find innovative new ways to strategize operations and optimize revenue.


eNoah’s R&D lab designs and develops new technologies and solutions to alleviate industry pains by leveraging cutting-edge technologies like machine learning, artificial intelligence, cognitive computing, and predictive analytics. Our collaboration with Ivy Leauge colleges has produced time-tested and widely used solutions like DataLibre, eXtract+, eAnalyzer, and Smart Retail.

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Big Data

Big Data works on the principle that the more you know about anything or any situation, the more reliably you can gain new insights and make predictions about what will happen in the future. By comparing more data points, relationships begin to emerge that were previously hidden, and these relationships enable us to learn and make smarter decisions. Most commonly, this is done through a process that involves building models, based on the data we can collect, and then running simulations, tweaking the value of data points each time and monitoring how it impacts our results. This process is automated – today’s advanced analytics technology will run millions of these simulations, tweaking all the possible variables until it finds a pattern – or an insight – that helps solve the problem it is working on.

Source: https://www.bernardmarr.com/

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Wink, Inc.

Wink, Inc. is a market research firm that tracks life insurance and annuity companies, their products, features, rates, and sales. In short, we provide accurate, thorough, timely, and compliant product information on life insurance contracts and annuities.

We offer full-service competitive intelligence for life insurance and annuity home offices, distributors, sales professionals, and consulting firms. Wink’s prices are a fraction of other product intelligence tools, and our service is unbeatable.

Our strength is creating deep relationships that aid in the exchange of information through a team of phenomenal, professional, and pretty darn cool people. As a result, we have the information that others just don’t. *wink*

When you need intel, think Wink! WinkIntel.com

Beacon Research

Beacon Annuity Solutions

A recognized leader in quality annuity data, Beacon Annuity Solutions provides annuity professionals with competitive intelligence on fixed rate, indexed and variable annuity product information and sales.. Our comprehensive data warehouse maintains up-to-date information on contract features, rates, fees and expenses, living and death benefit riders, and product sales. Whether you are a carrier collecting market intelligence to help set rates or search for product trends, a distributor looking to support your sales force, or a sales representative researching the best products for your client, Beacon Annuity Solutions has a solution to meet your needs.


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