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Insurtech Express is your principal resource to bring the Life Insurance and Annuity Community together in one easy-to-access, secure online location for information on insurance technology. We provide our clients with the absolute Life Insurance Sales Platform that keeps them stress-free.

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Transamerica Appoints Todd Buchanan President of World Financial Group and Head of Transamerica Financial Advisors

29 November 2022
BALTIMORENov. 29, 2022 -- Transamerica announces today that Todd Buchanan is appointed President of World Financial Group Insu

The Relationship Between Life eApp And The Carrier Policy Admin System

1 November 2022

By Ken Leibow

  When we talk about sending life applications electronically in-good-order, it’s not just transmitting a data file to the carrier. There needs to be a deeper understanding of the life carrier’s policy administration system and that carrier’s fu

InsurTech Express Launches Web 3.0 Digital Membership Program

27 September 2022
Introducing the Life Insurance industry to Web 3.0, NFT, Blockchain, Smart Contract, and Digital Assets as a gateway to exclusive insurtech rewards like discounts to software solutions. September 19, 2022  
  The Web 3.0 platform can be acces

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Life Insurance & Annuity Technology central resource InsurTechExpress.com. Latest platforms, News, Events, Consulting, Training, and Marketing.

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We publish Insurtech Whitepapers that are persuasive, authoritative, in-depth report on a specific topic that presents a problem and provides a solution. Our partners have given us permission to publish Whitepapers that are on the InsurTech Express platform.

You will find Case Studies with insights on Insurtech Trends while keeping pace with the emerging technology landscape. Please click the button below to access Whitepapers & Case Studies.

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