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Can underwriting technology help insurance companies meet consumer expectations?
By - April 6 2022
When you’re laser focused on meeting consumer needs, digital capabilities become a priority. On May 11, 2020, PepsiCo..
The Digital Frontier In Insurance Automation Has Arrived
By - March 30 2022
Originally posted at MRS Blog.   One of the coolest things going on in the life insurance industry is the rapid a..
Electronic Health Records (EHR) For Life Underwriting Surging In 2022
By - February 1 2022
By Ken Leibow Originally published at Broker World Magazine   There is a surge of services, innovative sol..
The Opportunity Technology Provides in 2022
By - January 18 2022
New calendars might mean tax-time, but they also mean we have a new column of data to learn from. Here are a few facts g..
Automation and the Insurance Industry
By - January 5 2022
Insurance was long considered a paper-laden, unchangeable dinosaur of an industry. More recently, the wheels of automati..
How fast is technology changing our world?
By - December 6 2021
Can you even measure something like that? The contraptions we use do not answer the question so much as what they do: pr..
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