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No-Code Bootcamp?
By - August 10 2021
No-Code Bootcamp? Remember the first time you heard about coding boot camp? Sounded too good to be true, right? This wa..
Discover New Innovations In The Life Insurance Underwriting Process
By - August 3 2021
By Ken Leibow Originally published in Broker World Magazine   It seems in 2021 that every couple of month..
The Post-Pandemic Life Insurance Boom
By - July 8 2021
Is it too early to call this the post-pandemic era? No one knows; time will tell. What is known is that the first few mo..
No-Code – The Most Disruptive Tech Trend Of 2021
By - May 28 2021
No-code: “The Most Disruptive Tech Trend of 2021” At the end of last year, Forbes magazine predicted that no-code a..
Management Research Services Announces e-App For Annuity Policies
By - May 1 2021
MILWAUKEE, Mar. 3, 2021 — MRS, a global leader in insurance automation and technology solutions, announced today the ..
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