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Zero Trust Managed

Cybersecurity Services

Zero Trust Complete

Zero Trust Complete

Covers all parts of cybersecurity to ensure better security and full compliance by considering users, endpoints, software, and networks as potential threats until proven otherwise.

Based on the

CISA Zero Trust Maturity Model

Preventing Breaches & Fines

Complying with



Cyber Insurers

Validation of Compliance at the Time of Login

To stop unknown users, unknown devices, from unknown networks, from accessing systems of private data


Enabling Insurance Carriers
to Secure Agencies

• Cyber visibility with dashboards and asset reports

• Security officer support

• Evidence of cyber compliance

• Automated remediation of cyber vulnerabilities at scale

• Vulnerability scans and network penetration testing


Managing Cybersecurity for
Advisor Firms

• Vulnerability scans and network penetration testing

• Outsourced endpoint and network protection

• Breach response support

• Regulatory and enterprise exam support

• Continual evidence of compliance

Zero Trust Strategies & Considerations     Identity Governance & Administration     Privileged Access Management

Integrated Zero Trust Ecosystem

•  Cloud Hardening Services

•  CASB (Cloud Access Security Broker)

•  Centralized MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication)

•  Endpoint Security Enforcement

•  Endpoint Protection with MXDR (Managed Extended Detection & Response)

•  Data Exfiltration Protection & DLP (Data Leakage Protection)

•  Network Security

•  SASE (Always-On-VPN)

•  SIEM (Security Information & Event Management)

•  SOAR (Security Orchestration, Automation, & Response)

•  SOC (Security Operation Center)