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How CEOs Are Finding an Extra $100,000 in Their Agencies
By - November 3 2023
Leaders in any industry know that in order to grow, their operations must be sustainable: they must be able to scale pro..
How GreenWave Commissions Can Optimize Commission Management
By - October 4 2023
If you’re reading this, we probably don’t need to tell you that commission management is one of the most critical an..
Streamline Your Insurance Agency’s Business Functions with GreenWave
By - September 11 2023
If you are an insurance agency leader, you know how complex and time-consuming the commission process can be. You have t..
The New Era Of BGA Commission Accounting
By - September 4 2023
For decades BGAs have adhered to a traditional approach when it comes to commission accounting. They have relied on thei..
Can a Software Really Eliminate Manual Processing?
By - August 16 2023
With GreenWave Commissions, insurance distribution agencies are closer than ever to being free of manual compensation p..
Automating Health Insurance Sales, Back-Office, and Commission Accounting
By - August 4 2023
Originally by: Advisor Today   In the rapidly evolving health insurance sales landscape, efficient process ma..
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