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The Opportunity Technology Provides in 2022
By - January 18 2022
New calendars might mean tax-time, but they also mean we have a new column of data to learn from. Here are a few facts g..
Automation and the Insurance Industry
By - January 5 2022
Insurance was long considered a paper-laden, unchangeable dinosaur of an industry. More recently, the wheels of automati..
NAILBA & Finseca Announce Intent to Explore a Merger
By - January 4 2022
WASHINGTON, D.C. (January 4, 2022) – NAILBA and Finseca announced today that their respective Board of Directors have ..
How to Leverage EHRs for Life Accelerated Underwriting
By - November 16 2021
  INTRODUCTION Consumer expectations shifted dramatically toward the online world for all products and servic..
The time is now: Successfully navigating the shift to digital benefits enrollment
By - November 4 2021
by Jill Parks Originally Published EIS Blog   Now more than ever, your customers’ employees are look..
Verisk Q&A: Digital transformation in life insurance, ethical AI
By - October 22 2021
By Kaitlyn Mattson Originally Published Digital Insurance October 21, 2021 . Digital Insurance spoke wi..
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