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FCI- Endpoint Security

FCI- Endpoint Security

Your Trusted Partner for Cybersecurity Protection & Compliance

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Endpoint Identification & Protection

Network Security

Security Risk Assessments

Security Response & Evidence

Do the devices of your users or agents that connect to your agency comply with the following regulations?

Get Endpoint Security TODAY!


A small investment to prevent a huge financial catastrophe!

Easy, Low Cost, Fast Automated Implementation


> Endpoint Protection (30-day Free Trial)

• $40 per Computer per Month
• $20 per Smartphone/Tablet per Month
• One-Time Implementation Fee: $990 for the first 7 users (with each 1 Computer and 1 Smartphone)


> Enterprise Endpoint Identification (Compliance Check)

• $3 per Computer per Month
• Custom Project: Integration with Systems of Private Data, Single-Sign-On, etc.


> Cybersecurity Protection and Compliance (free audit)

FCI identify 1
FCI protect 1
FCI detect


Manage cybersecurity risk to systems, people, assets, & data

.> Managed Endpoint Identification

> Automated Tools to Set & Capture Proper Configuration/Controls​


Implement safeguards to ensure delivery of critical services

> Managed Endpoint Protection

> Optional Services


Identify the occurrence of cybersecurity events

>24×7 Cybersecurity Monitoring & Response

FCI response


Take action regarding a detected cybersecurity incident

(Incident Response, Threat Case Management)

FCI support


End-User Cyber Support Services


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• Users login to Systems of Private Data
• System checks if FCI Software Agent is installed
• If yes, Users can login
• If not, FCI Software Agent is downloaded and installed

• FCI Software agent enforces all security settings and
installs antivirus
• Client gets Asset Inventory Report
• FCI and Client review Asset Inventory Report

For Any Device

Windows 10 Pro & Apple BigSur
Desktops, Laptops, Servers & Virtual Servers

Android & iOS
Smartphones & Tablets

For A Demo & Price Complete & Submit the Form Below or Call 1-402-740-7356

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