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Paperclip Document Management System

Paperclip Document Management System

Electronic Document Management Secure Electronic Document Exchange

Paperclip Overview

Paperclip SAFE Ends the Breach: Protect & Secure Your Data

Solutions Overview

For 30 years, Paperclip has revolutionized the ability to efficiently capture, process and manage the most sensitive business content. Each solution employs a revolutionary “straight-through processing” model that decreases cost and time by an order of magnitude, while maintaining the highest levels of security and compliance.

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Virtual Client Folder


VCF is a true cloud-born content management service, allowing clients of all sizes the ability to store documents in their original digital format, while offering a host of workflow and compliance advantages.


Internet eXpress


Designed as the digital equivalent to FedEx, Internet eXpress provides rapid, trackable delivery of digital documents with unprecedented scalability and security options.




Make secure e-mail encryption simple and affordable with a breakthrough solution that meets the strictest financial services, healthcare and government compliance.




Unlock the raw power of machine learning and secure crowd sourcing to capture data at a level of accuracy and ease never before possible, via an innovative technology platform that’s fully scalable and surprisingly affordable.


The Capture Place


A set of applications that automate the collection of electronic documents and EDIs for secure transmission to a document management solution, EDI application, or both, for further processing.

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