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Samplemed 360

Samplemed 360


By bringing together medical knowledge and technology, samplemed developed a complete underwriting ecosystem. That is why we believe Samplemed 360 (s.360) is the only life and health underwriting platform you need.

In addition to including all Samplemed solutions for risk analysis – as automated underwriting, predictive models, tele and video interviews and api integrated lab exams – it gives you full control over the cases pipeline to operate elegantly and autonomously, you can focus more on other tasks and let the machine do the hard job for you. Nevertheless, more than only running alone the business, the platform reveals deeper underwriting insights, because it was designed with a data-focused philosophy. This way, it will transform on the way your medical unstructured data into structured insights.

Step by step



By analyzing the application profile, the system merges the underwriting channels by forwarding the case to the most appropriate channel, ensuring control of the pipeline of applicants in the smartest and most efficient way possible. Some cases can go predictive, some with go with online questionnaires or live interview, according to the decision matrix we implement at the flow.



The customer journey matrix is designed for each of your products, so that different products can have different risks appetite and investment.



Medical Examination Network provider and can be activated in a complementary way in order to eliminate research gaps through API integration. And if your product allows, the applicant can upload his own medical data from his phone direct to your underwriter desk.



A case may be finalized autonomously, passed by your team of Manual udw specialists in Inconclusive scenarios, or the reinsurance underwriter team, which will receive suggestions and tips on underwriting from the platform intelligence.



After the case is finished, it will incorporate your own applicant Life Datalake, where all cases are anonymized and all risks tagged to unleash new insight into your own portfolio. Not to say it is never to late to upcycle your data. After review with our team, samplemed can structure data from online questionnaires from outside the platform so that it can be reused for insights and unleash new insights into your own portfolio data available.



And if you love insights, the platform has also an in-built A/E Experience study algorithm for all cases in the platform. Being integrated to our cases status API, you can have in 5 minutes a full actuarial report that normally takes over 4 months for a statistics team to confection manually.

s.360 – keeping Life in flow

Modules Available in America today

Predictive Models (preditivo)

  • In-built applicant front page to be incorporated into eCommerce flows.

  • Complete predictive extract per case

  • Underwrites multiple benefits separately, as Death, AccDeath, TPD, TPDACC, CI, and more.

  • Tailored-made for your Product.

  • Have accuracy dashboards with live data

  • Detect and prevent information bias

  • Feeds himself

  • Supervised by our Data scientists

  • Can be made with your own Life Data lake if you acquire the Data lake module.

Automated underwriting (auto.udw)

  • Easily build dynamic questionnaires

  • Receive structure suggestions from the system udw intelligence

  • Translate your questionnaire into multiple languages

  • Use the questionnaire per api or via webinterface

  • Communicates through email and sms with applicant

  • Verify identity of applicant.

  • Great in-built user interface to fill-in the questionnaire.

  • Also allows a seamless experience to other environments.

  • Have the underwriting result instantaneously for all benefits.

  • Provides the company and the applicant a pdf with all answers results.

  • Able to forward the case for extra documents collection or manual underwriting at inconclusive cases.

Underwriting Manual (udw.manual)

  • Articles on the 80% most frequent underwriting conditions

  • Project with ongoing research at samplemed, to give you new

    articles every month.

  • Underwriter friendly words usage for medical conditions

  • User friendly and intuitive interface

  • Risks Scenario simulator, to suggest outcome at complex cases (multiple risks combination)

  • Available in multiple languages.

Risks Bank

  • Taxonomy list and schema for structuring underwriting risks

  • A Thesaurus with 4 dimensions of risk analysis.

  • Granulates risks into smaller nodes (over than 5.000 risks


  • Over 4.000 pre-set rules

  • Classify and define rules per company standards

  • Maps and recognizes comorbidities

  • Able to fit multiple reinsurers manuals for a mix experience

  • Ongoing research project to keep extending the base.

Manual Underwriting (hand.udw)

  • Take over from where the machine left, it gives you a complete pre-set of identified risks which you can manually edit.

  • Allows you to upload files to applicant case or see files send directly by the applicant (as additional medical report).

  • Add new risks to the case panel or change risk classification

  • Read exams given by the straight connection to exams provider for extra insights on case.

  • Finalize the case manually.

  • Have specific statistics of cases manually underwritten.

Life Data lake

  • Anonymized real data of your applicants portfolio

  • Tags risks, benefits, capital, and personal traits that don’t include personal data.

  • GDPR and LGPD compliant in regards of information security.

  • Use your own data to build with samplemed predicitive models.

  • Upcycle old data to turn unstructured past cases into s.360 structured data.

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