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Self Service Demos

Self Service Demos

Self-Service Demos Get Ready to be Amazed!

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Test Drive the most Innovative Solutions for Life Insurance and Annuities. Easy to use Self-Service Demos without the pressure of a Sales Person. After you have experienced these amazing solutions yourself, you will understand how they will Transform your Business, Reduce Costs, and Grow Your Sales!


Click the Demo buttons below to test drive the Self-Service Demos. Learn more about the Solution Providers and their products under “Solutions” on the top menu and also checkout the InsurTech Express: SOFTWARE STORE. Fill in the “More Information” box on the right if you would like someone to contact you.

Innovator, Connector, and Leader for Life Insurance & Financial Services

iGO® Features
  • Industry-leading solution with millions applications processed per year
  • Produce 100% in good order submissions with a responsive user experience
  • Low Code/No Code Solution with a variety of deployment models
  • 100% adherence to ACORD standards
  • Multi-channel approach: Agent-Led, DTC, Call Center, Distributor-Led, and more.
  • Seamless integration with quoting, illustrations, agency management, underwriting, eSignature, and policy delivery
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DI presentation software for Financial Advisors & Insurance Agents

OneProtection Features
  • Drastically increase your closing percentage
  • Mitigate or eliminate client objections
  • Elevate your sales commissions

Digitalize Your Annuities Business In 15 Minutes

Annuities Genius features
  • Annuity Lead Generation
Your optimized personal website is there on the first day of using Annuities Genius.
  • Pre-sales Presentation
Show the customer the power of calculating all the best annuity options for him in one report.
  • Quoting SysteM
Create instant annuity illustration and print customer-friendly reports in one click.
  • E-App
Send an annuity application blazing-fast without leaving the client page.
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eValuate Field Underwriting for Life Insurance, Long Term Care, and Linked Benefits Sales Quoting Tool 

Features for eValuate:

  • Real Time Underwriting Results
  • Co-Morbidities
  • Substandard Table Ratings
  • Single & Multi-Carrier
  • Term Quoting
  • Email Results to Underwriter
  • eValuate PLUS (Rapid Underwriting Decisions)
BackNine Insurance

Quote & Apply™ is the State-of-the-Art Method for Online Life Insurance Applications

  • Sell Everywhere
Add Quote & Apply™ to your website or get a personalized Quote & Apply™ website to elevate your life insurance sales process.
  • Artificial Intelligence
With 22 carriers, a myriad of product types, riders, features, and underwriting rules, let our AI help you find the best product.
  • Real-Time Quoting
Accidental Death, Accumulation Indexed Universal Life, Final Expense, Guaranteed Universal Life, Long Term Care, Protection Indexed Universal Life, Return of Premium, Term, Universal Life, and Whole Life.

Bring Real World Dynamics to IUL & VUL Policy Illustrations

Run a LISA Benchmark analysis in under 5 minutes.
  • Don’t rely on unachievable policy illustrations;
  • Don’t lose client trust and harm your business;
  • And don’t expose yourself to legal or regulatory action!

Consumer Direct Insurance Tools

CDIT Features

  • Advisor Lead Generation
  • BGA Agent Recruiting
  • Co-Branding with P&C, Banks, & Health Agents
  • Consumer Quoting and eApp for Life Term, ROP, GUL, Final Expense, (Medicare Supplement coming soon)
  • Videos for Marketing Campaigns, Insurance Education, Consumer walk-through of the process
  • Customize Branding, Quoting, Designs Templates to Select
  • Dashboard for Lead Activity and Reporting

Identity Verification Solutions. Evolved.

Prodigi features
  • GPS location coordinates of the applicant
  • Extensive location and address analysis
  • Multi-variant database interrogations and analysis. This includes credit, non-credit, and proprietary sources
  • Ability to verify government-issued IDs domestically and internationally
  • Ability to use a self-photo to match against government-issued IDs
  • Voice authentication
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Advisors Can Now Help Clients Benchmark Their Financial Well-being Against Their Peer Group

Equisoft Benchmark features

  • Investors Compare Financial Health against Group of Peers
  • Risk Score
  • Recommendations (Financial & Insurance)
  • Consumer Facing
  • PDF Report
  • Distributors market the tool for Agent Recruitment
  • Advisors – Social Media Campaigns for Lead Generation
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ExpressComplete Simplifies the eApp Process

  • Easily Configurable to your Application Questions and Workflow
  • Optimized for a Tablet or Laptop
  • Single Sign On Capability
  • Multi-Carrier Quoting
  • Health Rate Analyzer to Confirm Underwriting Rate Class
  • Passes Order to Carrier Call Center or to CallComplete
  • Integrated with Exam Company’s Real Time Scheduling Portal
  • Automatic Notifications
  • Track Pending Status
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Ensight Intelligent Quote & Life Virtual Sales Presentation Platform

  • Ensight Intelligent Quote: Case Design with integrated single entry quoting and advance product benchmarking
  • Ensight Presentations: Life and Annuity wholesaler, producer, and financial professional – Transforms any client engagement, including virtual remote sales discussions
  • Ensight Data Intelligence: Increase Sales Yields through Advanced Data Analytics
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SmartOffice Anywhere CRM for Mobile Devices and Laptops

  • Contacts
  • Advisors
  • Agencies
  • Policies 
  • Presales
  • Investment
  • Calendar
  • Notes
  • Activities 
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eXtract Plus APS Analysis

  • For an Underwriter, Easily Create a Searchable Document (Extracting Vitals, Medications & Key Information using AI Technology)
  • Render Medical Records (APS) & Lab Documents with Hyperlinks & Cover Pages
  • Validate 3rd party APS Summary for Missing Critical Information
  • Training Tool for Underwriters
  • eAPS Module (APS Summary Service)
  • Data Feeds to Reinsurers
  • Cloud or On Premise

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