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Prodigi is the result of years of experience studying fraudulent claims to understand how fraudulent applicants circumvent traditional and emerging underwriting controls. Diligence has taken this knowledge and experience to create a digital suite of customizable software tools designed to assist insurers in validating applicants quickly, efficiently, and inexpensively.

We know that nearly all organized applicant fraud schemes involve an imposter using some form of identity theft or a created, albeit legitimate appearing, identity.  Validating that a Proposed Insured has a real or true credit record simply isn’t enough.  Organized fraudsters that cost the financial sector billions due to synthetic identities spend years cultivating identities that, for credit purposes, are real.  The only real way to defeat applicant fraud is to know the actual identity of the applicant regardless of who they say they are.


“Quickly determining which applicants are fraudulent and preventing fraudulent risks from becoming a policy is vastly more cost effective than identifying and fighting these when the claims are filed.  We are see how fraudsters get policies through underwriting which is why we developed Prodigi.” says Richard Marquez, owner of Diligence International Group, LLC.


Prodigi is the next generation in identify verification systems.


The Prodigi suite of features include:

  • GPS location coordinates of the applicant
  • Extensive location and address analysis
  • Multi-variant database interrogations and analysis. This includes credit, non-credit, and proprietary sources
  • Ability to verify government-issued IDs domestically and internationally
  • Ability to use a self-photo to match against government-issued IDs
  • Voice authentication

Discover How Prodigi Evolved to Meet Today’s Digital Identity Verification Needs.


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