The Power Of Administrative Delegation: Offloading Admin Work To Focus On Growth

The Power Of Administrative Delegation: Offloading Admin Work To Focus On Growth

By Ken Leibow - 13 May 2024

Originally posted at: Broker World Magazine


In the world of life insurance and brokerage, efficiency is king. Brokerage general agencies (BGAs) and insurance marketing organizations (IMOs) are the engines of growth in this sector, fueling the progress through strategic agent engagement and effective policy management. Yet, amidst the bustling activity of daily operations, the art of administrative delegation becomes a linchpin for sustainable expansion. The Power of Administrative Delegation is not just a matter of operational logistics; it’s a strategic imperative that can make the difference between stagnation and success.


Running a BGA or IMO necessitates a delicate balance of patience, perseverance, and diligent effort. It’s indisputable that the trajectory of your growth and profitability heavily relies on your ability to attract and retain agents and advisors. Any lapse in focus can inadvertently become the open door your competitors need to lure your agents away, and they won’t hesitate to do so.


Fostering business growth often takes a backseat to necessary and timely administrative responsibilities like agent contracting, meticulous data entry, application processing, case management, and managing complex commission structures. Although your agency’s foundation rests upon service principles, there’s often a lack of resources dedicated to fulfilling its needs. To delegate, or not to delegate? That is the question.


Roadblocks to Success: The Clock and The Work
While every aspect of the work your BGA or IMO performs is essential, the work that takes the most hours off the clock rarely brings in the most revenue.


  • Paperwork and Digital Document Processing: Managing and processing paperwork and digital workflows (SureLC, Eapps, TeleApps, etc.) related to agent contracting, new business applications and case management, policy changes, and other administrative tasks is time-consuming.
  • Data Entry and Record Keeping: Managing, updating, and maintaining client records and policy information is labor-intensive.
  • Customer Service and Support: Addressing customer inquiries, processing policy changes, and providing support take significant time and resources.
  • Compliance and Regulatory Tasks: Ensuring compliance with industry regulations and regulatory changes can be complex and ongoing.
  • This list does not include day-to-day back-office management, underwriting, or special projects that require human resources and time that could be more effectively spent elsewhere.


Sometimes Scaling Up Requires Shipping Out
For any business to grow, it needs the ability and resources to focus on strategy, implementation, and execution. For every talented, knowledgeable, staff member who is buried under routine administrative tasks, the opportunity for them to execute growth strategies is sorely missed. So, what are your options?


Technology Can Only Take You So Far
Implementing new systems, CRMs, and other insurtech-facing platforms is essential to maximize your staff’s time and your firm’s overall efficiencies. What’s often an afterthought is how these systems still require training and ongoing maintenance. While artificial intelligence promises a future of robust technological solutions, it is currently relegated to use in other industries, such as marketing, content creation, and graphic design. The best way to enable your technology to be all it can be is with attention from an experienced support team.


While technologies can boost your productivity and organization, a critical element is still missing in any of these systems. Life insurance is very much a people-centric industry. It requires human capital and human touch-points to subsist at even the most basic level. Risk management is not something that people are happy to entrust to technology alone. This is an industry based on trust, integrity, and accountability. Of these three, trust might be the largest obstacle to a BGA or IMO…outsourcing busy work to a third party.


Envisioning Growth
Picture the enhanced productivity your business would achieve if your team could dedicate their time to crucial tasks like recruitment and retention, rather than grappling with complex commission structures.

Visualize the possibilities: Rather than scrambling for APSs and case status reports, imagine engaging with that large agency to assist them in providing comprehensive life solutions to their clients.

Consider the efficiency gained from eliminating repetitive data entry tasks. Instead, envision direct conversations with financial advisory firms, presenting their advisors with opportunities to safeguard their clients’ assets.

Imagine how much you could grow if you had more time and resources.


With Great Power…
There is great power in delegating, and with great power comes great responsibility. The ability to combine technology you can rely on with people you can trust is the solution that can help your business realize its potential. Technology is easily vetted, but people require track records with experience, expertise, and the capacity to take the busy work off your plate with accuracy and precision. They need to be able to point to their reputation in the industry and reveal a constant measure of success. There is one solution provider leading the way: Employee Pooling (EP) stands as a testament to this ethos, seamlessly blending technology with expert human capital within the insurance sector for over a decade. Tailored to address the challenges confronting expanding BGAs and IMOs nearing capacity limits, EP offers end-to-end services and solutions from submission to commission, earning the trust of numerous agencies nationwide, regardless of size. You can learn more about Employee Pooling by visiting


Delegation is not just about offloading tasks; it’s about creating a space where strategic thinking and growth activities can flourish. When administrative duties are streamlined, and the right tasks are assigned to the right people or systems, the entire organization can breathe easier and focus on what truly matters: Building relationships, developing new markets, and crafting policies that serve the community better. By embracing delegation, BGAs and IMOs can pivot from being transaction-focused to being growth-oriented, shifting their gaze from the minutiae to the big picture.


The benefits of such a shift are manifold. Agencies can experience a boost in productivity, allowing for a more profound engagement with current clients and the pursuit of new opportunities. Yes, what I mean is expanding more channels to offer products and services. You can exponentially grow the production from financial advisors and P&C agents for example. Moreover, sales and marketing can take center stage for BGAs and IMOs.


However, with the power of delegation comes the need for discernment. It is not merely about assigning tasks; it is about empowering a reliable team that can handle these tasks with the same level of care and commitment as the core members of the organization. This team, whether in-house or outsourced, must be adept at navigating the intricacies of insurance administration and possess a deep understanding of the industry’s regulatory landscape.


Look, the life insurance industry is changing because of technology, market, and driven by a new generation of agents and consumers. The power of administrative delegation is transformative, allowing BGAs and IMOs to scale new heights and achieve unprecedented growth. By effectively managing and offloading admin work, these organizations can concentrate on cultivating their core competencies and capitalizing on growth opportunities. It is the fusion of robust technology with the expertise of seasoned professionals that forms the bedrock of a thriving insurance agency. As the sector continues to evolve, those who master the balance between technological efficiency and human insight will lead the charge into a future where growth is not just an objective but an ongoing reality.


In this landscape, brokerage general agencies and insurance marketing organizations that recognize and act upon the value of administrative delegation will not only survive but thrive, transforming challenges into catalysts for growth and setting new standards of excellence in the insurance industry.

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