s.360 Life nominated finalist at the SEAL Awards

s.360 Life nominated finalist at the SEAL Awards

By Samplemed - 17 April 2024

Samplemed is pleased to announce its nomination as a finalist in the SEAL Awards during the 10th edition of the Insurance World Challenges, a renowned event in Europe aimed at recognizing highlights in the insurance market worldwide.

Competing with the innovative s.360, they are proud to be internationally recognized for its contribution to the insurance market. Samplemed, which has been providing integrated solutions for over 35 years, making risk analysis and underwriting smarter in Brazil and around the world, has been selected as a finalist in two prominent categories, including the Special Recognition for LATAM Insurtechs, and also Best Partnership alongside MAPFRE Re.


The event will take place on April 24th, 2024, and is organized by the Community of Insurance and the Insurtech Community Hub. The SEAL Awards recognize disruptive innovation in the insurance sector, highlighting startups and insurtechs that advance technologically in the industry and have a positive impact on people’s lives.

Being nominated for the SEAL Awards represents significant recognition of the company’s achievements and contributions to the insurance sector. The s.360 has been noticed and valued for its innovation, excellence, and positive impact on the industry. Being a finalist in a renowned award can motivate and inspire employees, showing them that their work is being recognized by the business community and industry experts.


Where does the event occur?


The announcement of the winners will take place at the Metropolitan Stadium in Madrid. The Team Sample continues to cheer and uphold the company’s commitment to excellence and innovation, aiming to drive the insurance industry with innovative and impactful solutions.

The Community of Insurance seeks to promote excellence in society and business through four areas of activity: communication, consulting, knowledge management, and professional events. The goal is to help companies implement innovative programs, lead sustainability, and continue seeking better results by doing things differently and better.

We are looking forward to the award ceremony!

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