Is New Digital Platform the Future of Agent-Assisted Life Insurance Sales?

Is New Digital Platform the Future of Agent-Assisted Life Insurance Sales?

By US Venture News - 1 December 2023

Originally posted at US Venture News


Key Takeaways:

  • Plum Life is a startup that offers a unique digital experience for life insurance advisors and agents.
  • The company’s innovative platform simplifies the process of selling life insurance, from quoting to application, and issuing.
  • Being a technology company that combines with the personal attention and service of an advisor, Plum Life is pioneering a new way of selling life insurance.


In a rapidly evolving digital world, startups are consistently disrupting traditional industries. One such disruptor is Plum Life, a fintech startup based in Berkeley Heights, New Jersey. Plum Life is transforming the insurance industry with an innovative digital platform, answering the question whether a digital platform might be the future of agent-assisted life insurance sales.


The platform integrates the convenience of buying online with the reassurance of working with an advisor. The company’s core mission is to create the ideal life insurance experience. By offering an agent-only digital experience, they aim to streamline the entire process of selling life insurance – from quoting to the application, and finally the issuance.


What sets Plum Life apart is its dedication to simplifying an industry that is traditionally complex. The startup realizes that while the convenience of digital transformation is commendable, there still exists a need for personal connection in the form of reliable advisors. The ability to effectively balance these two needs is what differentiates Plum Life amidst an increasingly competitive fintech landscape.


Additionally, the platform is designed specifically for the life insurance industry. This laser focus empowers Plum Life to address the unique challenges faced by life insurance advisors and agents. By marrying the capabilities of a modern technology company with the personal touch of an advisor, Plum Life is revolutionizing the way life insurance is being sold.


In terms of the future, Plum Life is poised for immense growth. As the fintech revolution continues, more and more industries will have to adapt to the digital paradigm. Plum Life is already at the forefront of this change within the insurance industry. Given their focus on integrating personal service with digital convenience, the startup appears to be a trailblazer in setting a new standard for life insurance sales. 

The future indeed looks promising for Plum Life as they continue to reimagine agent-assisted life insurance sales in this digital age. Learn more about the startup on their website at You can also follow them on LinkedIn to stay updated with their latest developments.

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