Emtech Group Announces Major Upgrade to Groundbreaking Software for Insurance Value Chain Validation

Emtech Group Announces Major Upgrade to Groundbreaking Software for Insurance Value Chain Validation

By Emtech Group Inc - 9 July 2024

QMT Automates End-to-End Business Flow Testing, Speeding Product Launch Delivery & Driving Improved QA Outcomes


Emtech Group Inc, the leading provider of enterprise QA software, today announced QMT Version 2.0, a major upgrade to its innovative quality automation software, purpose-built to validate insurance value chains. QMT Version 2.0 brings automation to QA testing of insurance flows enabling shift-left by achieving full test coverage across the complex value chain. Leveraging QMT Version 2.0 to test the end-to-end process of insurance systems, and the integrations between them, enables Insurance Carriers, Insurtechs and software vendors to drive quality into product launches and eliminate embarrassing errors experienced by distributors and customers, post-launch.


QMT features new capabilities to efficiently model and manage the key interactions of the testing process. Model building in QMT Version 2.0 is made more powerful and efficient through a focus on reusability, “intra-model” data sharing, simplified handling of complex operators in conditional flows, while pioneering Dynamic XPaths slashes the time to build and manage models. QMT’s tightly integrated automation capabilities enable organizations to replace surge hiring of contractors with a purpose-built product that eliminates manual testing and human error, while extending quality assurance of new products to non-technical stakeholders.


The new Test Data Generator embeds automatically generated, business relevant test data into models. This equips organizations to create better quality products that will perform reliably and creates a more cost-efficient testing process, while lowering compliance and security risks. Further, the time spent searching, maintaining and creating test data management systems is dramatically reduced. Test Data Generator benefits constrained IT budgets by focussing resources on what matters most, while also reducing cost.


QMT’s intelligent and automated test case generation, proven to be 100 times faster, eliminates subjective QA planning on what is important to the business, ensuring that business rules are properly implemented and fully tested. Emtech’s proprietary algorithms provide the flexibility to build all combinations of test paths of modelled business processes, or exclusively constructs all essential paths at least once. Faster automated test case generation increases test coverage compared to manual testing, and eliminates the continuous, manual rewriting of test cases, saving time and speeding QA cycles and product delivery timelines.


“The development of QMT Version 2.0 was rooted in meeting the needs and priorities of insurance carriers and software vendors,” said Sashia Godet, Product Manager, Emtech Group Inc. “QMT Version 2.0 ushers in a superior level of automation and democratization of QA processes that drives revolutionary efficiency into product delivery.”


QMT has a growing presence in the market: “We work with insurance carrier and Insurtech executives regularly on their product delivery initiatives. It is imperative that quality assurance is positioned as a strategic enabler and QMT is our ‘go to’ for increasing test coverage, and improving quality outcomes,” said Don Desiderato, CEO and Founder of Mantissa Group LLC. “As Emtech’s implementation partner we have a deep understanding of how to leverage the benefits of QMT’s automation.”


QMT Version 2.0 is available immediately. For more information contact us.

About Emtech Group, Inc.

Emtech Group Inc is the leading provider of enterprise software quality engineering solutions for validating insurance value chains for Insurance Carriers, Insurtechs and software vendors. Our customers are enabled to deliver quality products while avoiding the expensive and embarrassing consequences of the exposure of production defect leakage. Emtech Group drives key business outcomes for IT and transforms the way testing is completed, coverage is achieved, and the business partners with IT.


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