Become a Life Insurance eRetailer with Digital Direct to Consumer Sales

Become a Life Insurance eRetailer with Digital Direct to Consumer Sales

22 June 2021

By Ken Leibow

Originally Published in NAIFA advisortoday


Selling Life Insurance using a digital platform on your website for consumer direct insurance tools is now the hottest trend! Now more than ever, consumers want to shop, compare, and apply for coverage online and on their terms. The goal is to make the experience of protecting loved ones with life insurance as simple and stress-free as possible. Here are some key reasons why digital life insurance sales has gained momentum: COVID requiring remote sales; 72 million Millennials (25–40-year olds) who would rather shop on their own; massive use of mobile devices averaging 3.8 hours per day; and social media usage 2.5 hours per day for adults in the USA.

How does it work? An eBGA will offer a personal website white labeled (with your logo and colors) for insurance advisors. This includes sales, marketing, quoting, and eApp consumer-facing tools for FREE in most cases. Life Brokerage General Agencies and GAs use this as a recruiting tool. Insurance and financial advisors use it for lead generation. These life agencies have built their own multi-carrier quoting and eApp solutions or license them from a software vendor.

An advisor can do a social media campaign for example using Facebook or an email campaign to a life insurance lead list providing a link to the website address that takes the client to your insurance tools. When the consumer clicks on the link the client can get their own multi-carrier quotes, learn about insurance products, and submit a life application electronically on their own from your website or the one that was provided to you by the eBGA. Yes, the quoting and eApp tools render perfectly on a smart phone designed to be device responsive.

There is a digital platform dashboard for the agency and the advisor to track the business. This dashboard has metrics showing pending cases, the number of quotes run, etc. The advisor and the agency are paid commissions by the life insurance carrier under the GA’s or BGA’s hierarchy.

What life carriers and type of insurance products are available? There are over 60 carriers available depending on which sales digital platform you use. This includes A.M. Best A rated Tier 1 and Tier II life carriers. Products include term, return of premium (ROP), accidental death, protection IUL, accumulation IUL, GUL, UL, and now whole life. No-exam life insurance (accelerated underwriting) and final expense (instant issue) are also available.

Benefits include:

  • Your agency is open 24/7.
  • Advisors can generate sales leads.
  • GAs can use it to recruit agents.
  • Designed to work on smart phones.
  • Target Millennials.
  • Perfect for social media and email campaigns.
  • Online quoting and  eApp experience for consumers.

Most digital platforms are offered FREE for advisors. For more information, you can contact Ken Leibow, 402-740-7356.

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    1. Hi Thomas,

      Thank you for reading the article. I sent you an email directly. Anyone who is interested in learning more about becoming an eRetailer for Life Insurance. As explained in the article, there are eBGAs and GAs offering these tools to Insurance Advisors for FREE. I would like you to checkout “Quote & Apply”. You can learn more on my website and sign up if you are interested: .

      If you have any questions or would like to learn about other sites, then please contact me. Below is my contact information.

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      Ken Leibow
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  1. I want to thank everyone who has read the article about becoming a Life Insurance eRetailer both on my blog and in NAIFA’s advisortoday. Please let me know if I can assist you in getting access to the Free Quoting Software to help generate life insurance leads or for recruiting agents for your agency. Ken Leibow 402-740-7356 ken

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