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TransUnion TrueRisk® Life Storefront

TransUnion TrueRisk® Life Storefront

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TrueRisk® Life Storefront

Increase conversion and return on ad spend by aligning your marketing efforts with
your target customer profile. Leverage TransUnion’s comprehensive individual-level data and robust
analytics capabilities to identify consumers that meet your underwriting criteria.

TrueRisk® Life Prequalification Score is an effective tool for online aggregators and comparison shopping channels to optimize quote and sales conversion. The solution is a credit-based mortality score used to present online shoppers with carriers best aligned to their risk profile.

Aggregated TrueRisk® Life provides a summary-level view of average TrueRisk Life scores in a specific geography, down to the ZIP+4 level, allowing you to target potential customers best aligned to your book of business. It’s useful for online lead purchasing and triage strategies.

TrueRisk® Life Prescreen creates credit-based, targeted lists for firm offers of insurance in your pre-approved marketing campaigns. Prescreen lists can be aligned with underwritting criteria to support credit-based risk profiles and strategies.

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Elevate your pricing sophistication. TransUnion’s unique data inventory, along with our TrueRisk Life underwriting solution, can help improve your loss ratio and competitive position with enhanced risk segmentation and more pricing accuracy.

TrueRisk® Life Group Score combines individual TrueRisk Life scores of employees into an aggregate employer group score which can segment mortality beyond existing manually-rated techniques.

TrueRisk® Life Insurance Score provides a credit-based insurance risk score predictive of mortality and lapse for use in life insurance underwriting.

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