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TransUnion Overview

TransUnion Overview

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TransUnion makes trust possible — ensuring consumers and organizations can transact with confidence and achieve great things.


We call this Information for Good®.


Explore how to apply data and technology to each point of the customer lifecycle to improve operational effectiveness and the customer experience.

Life Insurance Campaign Market Guide
Transunion How Credit Based Insurance Risk


Examining the vital role insurance risk scores play for
consumers in affordability and fairness


Get a first look at the trends, challenges and opportunities reshaping the property, casualty and life insurance industries

TransUnion 2022 Insurance trends

Life Insurance Products



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DriverRisk Life

DriverRisk℠ from TransUnion enables insurance carriers to quickly identify actionable driving violations and optimize MVR spend.

TrueRisk Life

Predict the potencial loss ratio for a given consumer seeking an insurance policy with TransUnion TrueRisk®.

TruAudience Platform

With TruAudience®, brands and agencies can understand, create and actuate audiences across addressable media and publishers and platforms can build an identity strategy for the future.

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