Top Myths About No-Code

Top Myths About No-Code

3 November 2021

Originally Published MRS blog.

Fear has served humans well as a pure, base survival instinct. Fear of the unknown protected primitive man from predators and poisons; it kept early sailboats from venturing beyond the horizon. A healthy dose of fear is why our ancestors passed on their genes and made us who we are today.

But fear of the unknown in modern times can lead to missed opportunities. The most successful businesses in the world are run by people who can set aside their hesitancy about venturing into the unknown and look at options objectively. Instead of fear, they see calculated risks and risk-reward ratios.

In recent times, the no-code and low-code revolution has been met with praise, skepticism, and everything in between. For businesses considering the migration to a no-code option, the idea of abandoning the systems they’ve used for years can be downright terrifying. Like anything new and feared, skeptics often hold onto their opinions because of false ideas about what the new thing is.

Here are the top myths and misconceptions about no-code technologies.

Myth #1: No-code is beyond the scope and expertise of our non-IT staff.

This is a common concern, though almost always false. No-code uses the same features that your staff uses on their social media accounts and email preferences. Drop down menus, drag-and-drop, choosing from pre-populated options. Research shows that using progressive technology in the workplace helps attract good candidates and reduce attrition.

Myth #2: No-code applications are mostly for simple tasks.

This seems like it could be true, but it is not. While there certainly are examples of no-code applications solving simple problems, two industries that have emerged as strongholds for no-code are finance and insurance. Both industries are wrought with government regulation, minute details, and individual preferences.

Myth #3: The no-code fad is taking jobs away from developers.

Not really. Every aspect of daily life and commerce has migrated to technology; there’s a greater need for IT experts and software developers across the board. Salaries have risen, not fallen. Job demand remains high. (Besides, who do you think works at all these coding bootcamps?) Not every company can afford to keep a full-time developer or even pay a subcontracted code writer when the need arises. No-code helps to fill the gap.

Myth #4: No-code doesn’t exist; it contains code.

The second part of this is true, but that doesn’t make the term a misnomer. It just means that your organization has to spend less resources on creating original code; it’s akin to buying prefabricated pieces for a construction project. Even the best coders make one error every fifty lines of code-writing. Some errors are unnoticeable, others cause fatal issues. These errors can be difficult to find, making them tough to fix. No-code solutions offer beta-tested code that we already know works; it just requires personalization.

MRS offers industry-leading no-code technology.

Management Research Services offers the most sophisticated no-code insurance services platform on the market. Our software can accommodate even the most complex insurance underwriting scenarios yet remains user-friendly and intuitive. The MRS customer service reputation ensures that your staff will receive everything they need to understand and operate the system in just a short time. Most of our clients find that their fears were unfounded; we’ll help make your transition painless and smooth.

For more information on the MRS no-code insurance services platform and web-app, contact us today.

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