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SCOR and its subsidiary ReMark announce a partnership with Atidot on a new in-force performance solution for life insurers
By - April 27 2022
Originally posted at Atidot by Dror Katzav   SCOR and its subsidiary ReMark announce that they have signed ..
U.S. Post-Level Term Lapse and Mortality Predictive Modeling
By - December 28 2021
Written by: Aisling Bradfield, FSAI Head of Behavioral Science Julien Tomas, PhD Actuary..
How to Leverage EHRs for Life Accelerated Underwriting
By - November 16 2021
  INTRODUCTION Consumer expectations shifted dramatically toward the online world for all products and servic..
Data, Data, Data Driving Life Underwriting
By - October 1 2021
by Ken Leibow Originally Published Broker World Magazine October Issue Digital point of sales solutions for lif..
Ash Brokerage, Ameritas and SCOR reveal new instant decision term life product
By - August 26 2021
Ash Brokerage, Ameritas and SCOR announce a new next-generation term life insurance product, Ash Instant term issued by ..
Innovation Of Life Automated Underwriting And Digital Health Engagement
By - June 1 2021
Automated Underwriting is the hot technology trend this year. There have been advancements since COVID-19 in 2020 from t..
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