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Customer Engagement / Health Management

Customer Engagement / Health Management

A new era of cancer screening is here with the Galleri® test. Leading life insurance companies are embracing innovation to detect cancer early.

Life Insurance Sustainability AnalyticsLISA – is a powerful, easy to use online toolset that tests Variable and Indexed Universal Life policy illustrations, providing a real-world assessment of the probability of achieving (or not) the policy owner’s expectations for the policy.  Expectations like premiums, income from policy loans and death benefit amounts at critical ages cannot be tested for likely policy success or failure with just the standard industry illustration – LISA is currently the only way to obtain this policy performance risk assessment.

Since 2006, Medix has been changing the course of health for millions of customers by delivering impactful medical responses that are borderless, personalized, and data-driven. We embolden insurers, employers, financial groups, retailers, distributors, and governmental institutions to transcend conventional models and methods, moving beyond transactional care to better health, human, and financial outcomes. Medix responses are tailored by world-leading medical teams and proprietary AI and data analytics: combining the best digital tools with real human presence.


Phonexa is a marketing automation solution which powers Carriers, Agents, and lead generators by optimizing inbound web and call campaigns, and outbound call, email, and SMS campaigns while increasing compliance and enhancing the consumer journey.

Complete with a suite of turnkey marketing products and solutions, Phonexa’s customizable tools are uniquely designed to maximize workflow efficiency and revenue. Phonexa has the scalability, tools, and partnerships to serve clients with high consumer demand products and services.

Connecting Each Touchpoint on the Sales and Customer Success Journey.

Trusty.care’s end-to-end sales & customer support experience platform has all the software and integrations needed to connect all stakeholders in the health insurance ecosystem, from point of sale to commissions analytics to member engagement and retention. Our modular approach seamlessly connects data, teams, and members to optimize your sales processes. Each module is powerful alone, even better together.

Trusty.care helps your business Connect, Automate, and Grow

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Good Life by ReMark is the world’s first health & wellness app powered by SCOR’s Biological Age Model (BAM). The only reinsurer-created algorithm scientifically proven to improve policyholders’ biometric risk by encouraging physical activity. Supported by a team of Engagement Specialists, Good Life is proven to not only attract users, but also retain them. Engaging and positively influencing policyholders for the longer term.

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LexisNexis® Life Data Prefill

As an interactive single-inquiry solution, LexisNexis® Life Data Prefill helps streamline the insurance process at the point of application, reducing the time and cost of capturing some of the data necessary to help properly evaluate your applicants.

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What is LifetimeEngage?

LifetimeEngage is a tool for creating digital touchpoints with your customers after they purchase a policy. Basically, it’s a friendly neighborhood agent, lifestyle coach, and financial assistant all rolled into one. Our clients are using LifetimeEngage for:

  • Brand recognition
  • Policyholder interaction
  • Purchasing decisions
  • Incentivizing wellness
  • Financial education
  • Community initiatives
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dacadoo develops and operates a comprehensive Digital Health Engagement Platform (DHEP) to motivate users to achieve and maintain healthy lifestyle habits. The platform combines motivational techniques from behavioral science with functions from online gaming and social networking as well as automated, digital coaching to activate and engage its users.

It works as a personal health coach in users’ pockets, rewarding them for personal achievements and helping them to attain their goals.

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