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Sureify Lifetime Engage

Sureify Lifetime Engage

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Bridging the gap between you and your customers

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Sureify knows engagement can start at the very beginning. With LifetimeEngage you can invite potential policyholders to digitally interact with you to stay up to date through their application process. Once a policy is issued, Lifetime Engage keeps you effortlessly in touch driving awareness, loyalty and sales  without adding cost.


Gather real-time data through surveys and polls,  educate your policyholders about important financial considerations and encourage healthy life choices. Simple toggles give you the configurability to customize your content based on type of user, allowing you to celebrate, motivate and communicate on a regular basis with automated texts, emails and push notifications with your policyholders.


Lifetime Engage is all about reaching out with the right message at the right time. Whether it’s content from your library, or ours we can show your policyholders the information that’s most relevant to them. Your possibilities for reaching out are limitless. Sureify’s LifetimeEngage enables you to pay attention to each and every customer delivering results like 300% more responses to lapse notices over traditional mailers, 46% of policyholders who download your app check in on a monthly basis and insurers who work with Sureify have seen as much as a 20-point increase in their Net Promoter Score!


Connect with your customers in a meaningful, personalized, cost-effective way – with Sureify’s LifetimeEngage.

Visit sureify.com/lifetime-engagement/ to learn more.

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