MRS Announces the Addition of Outsourced Underwriting Services

MRS Announces the Addition of Outsourced Underwriting Services

18 July 2022

Leading Insurtech Offers New Capability for Carriers 


MILWAUKEE – July 13, 2022 – Management Research Services, Inc. (MRS) has introduced its newest capability: Outsource Underwriting Services for insurance carriers. With over 30 years of life and health insurance experience, MRS is adding to its robust insurance automation capabilities by building on its proprietary technology platforms.


The benefits gained through MRS’ turn-key underwriting services will provide agencies quicker processing as well as time and money savings. MRS and its insurance automation technologies keep carriers at the vanguard of an auto-code movement, allowing them to take advantage of an evolving insurance industry going through a significant digital transformation.


“We’re excited to continue to implement ways of innovating that allow us to differentiate from our competition, but we’re most proud of how we’re truly partnering with carriers to truly help them succeed,” says Brenda Larson, Director of Life Strategy & Innovation at MRS. “Our expert consulting and outsourced underwriting services are completely customizable, so our customers can focus their time on their business.”


MRS’ Outsource Underwriting Services will provide the following:

●       E-App Development

●       Rules Engine

●       Underwriting Workbench

●       Outsourced Underwriting Support (Accelerated, Simplified, or Fully Underwritten)

●       Fulfillment of the Chief Underwriter Role

●       Underwriting Consulting

●       Quick Quotes

●       Contestable Death Claim Review

●       Platform Underwriting Referrals – Kick-outs

●       Audits

●       MIB Maintenance

●       MRS Auto Code model inclusion

●       Point of Sale Tele-Underwriting


MRS assists with insurance cases referred to underwriting for a decision in which the automated platforms could not decide or when additional information is required with intervention by an underwriter.  MRS can provide a complete underwriting review and interpretation of Attending Physician Records in conjunction with client acceptance guidelines as well as do periodic audits to remain compliant.  MRS’s technology and professional underwriting team can provide you with efficient and protective risk selection decisions.  Our objective is to develop a partnership built on trust and to deliver a successful service by becoming an extension of your home office.


For carriers that require underwriters to assist with short-term overflow, handle unanticipated fluctuations in business volumes, or are looking for a strategic outsourcing underwriting partner to support on a long-term basis., more information can be found at:


For immediate assistance and to learn more about this product offering, please contact Chad Gracey at or Mike Cunningham at


At MRS, we help clients transform change into a competitive advantage. MRS provides a high-end technology product to the life, health, and annuity insurance industries. In today’s world where “the only thing constant is change,” that original vision has been expanded to include more services and technology capabilities designed to help clients adapt quickly and in a cost-effective way. MRS has invested heavily in our technology platform to create a foundation for the next revolution in life insurance. MRS’s No-Code platform gives you all the tools needed to build a highly secure, complex application that efficiently collects voice and electronic data without writing a single line of code. The result is a vastly reduced time to market with no initial or ongoing maintenance costs making the total cost of ownership substantially lower than status quo solutions. Our platform’s ability to support powerful reflexive logic makes the MRS rules engine extremely efficient in collecting all information needed to make a point-of-sale decision. The capabilities and flexibility of our platform allow customers to use the MRS technology platform as their single solution or as a tool to support and enhance current technology solutions they already have in place. Please visit us at or contact us by email at to learn more.

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