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Health Gorillas Chart Bridge

Health Gorillas Chart Bridge

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Chart Bridge – EHR Chart Retrieval for Insurers

With the appropriate authorization and consent, life & disability companies use Health Gorilla’s Chart Bridge to gain real time, electronic access to their client’s medical records.


Chart Bridge aggregates data from some of the largest healthcare providers and EHR systems in the nation. It works in concert with our Health Information Platform to process data into an actionable, organized format, where compliance is assured.

The Fastest Way for Insurers to Access Organized Medical Data

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Chart Bridge Use Cases

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Make better-informed, faster policy offers with real-time access to consolidated medical histories.

Disability benefit resolution

Resolve disability income claims by evaluating your member’s complete past medical history.

Life settlements

Improve life expectancy calculations using complete medical histories.

Health Gorilla has combined industry-leading health data interoperability services with our full-service telehealth network to empower insurance carriers

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