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ApplicInt Product

ApplicInt Product



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We are a leading information technology company, that has developed several innovative, interoperable solutions that can be customized to meet the unique requirements of each client. Our mission is to provide efficient and cost-effective technology solutions for the collection and distribution of information for life insurance applications. Automating the broker’s world not only means digitalizing their offices but more importantly, streamlining and simplifying the process of obtaining insurance.

ApplicInt transforms the Life Insurance eApp process

  • Integrated with carrier’s automated underwriting process.

  • Scoring of data based on carrier rules

  • Easy Access – Agency or Carrier Portal

  • Multi-carrier life insurance quoting

  • eApp with intelligent reflexive questioning

  • Integrated call center process

  • Digital Paramed with the largest paramed providers.

  • Flexible workflow

  • Submitted to carrier in-good-order

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FAST ApplicInt Suite standardizes the Life Insurance Medical Reflexive questions. It is a low cost, quick 2-3 week implementation. There are 3 solutions: FAST U*Complete for eApp, FAST CallComplete for a call center, and FAST ExamComplete for a digital Paramed.


  • Create a 100% Digital Application Process with an Electronic Lap Slip

  • Electronically Collect Lab Slip Information

  • Lab Slip Number Verification

  • Validation of Data

  • Improved Data Accuracy & Quality eliminating Illegible paper

  • Revolutionizes the Process to obtain Medical Records for the 25% o Physicians that require a Special Authorization Form

  • Cuts time to obtain a Special Authorization up to 90%

  • Collects the proposed insured’s Signature & Initials so that it can be applied later to any APS Request

  • No “drop-outs” for Special Auth Requests

  • Captures eSignature for 300 of the Commonly Used Special Authorization Forms

  • Significantly Accelerates the process for a Special Authorization for Medical Records, which takes up to 6 weeks when done manually

  • Fully accepted by Medical Record Facilities

  • Integrates Milliman Pharmaceutical History into ExamComplete, CallComplete, UComplete and eSlip.

  • Downloads associated Physician History.

  • Adds detailed Pharma History to fulfillment process including:

– Dosage and Frequency

– When first began taking the medication

– When the medication was last refilled with the number of doses


  • Reconciliation Page provides the ability to mitigate any medication not acknowledged when collecting medical history.

  • RxComplete in eSlip – Collect and mitigate RxHistory with Blood/Physical Measurements Exam.

  • Converts your existing ExamComplete application to a Call Center application

  •  Data seamlessly and securely transfers to the Call Center

  • Fully integrated application process

  • Customer Identity Remotely Validated (Phone or Computer)

  • 2 Factor Authentication

  • Securely Verifies Signers Identity Meeting Industry Compliances standards

  •  Integrates the collection of electronic health records (EHR) directly into ApplicInt’s ExamComplete, CallComplete or UComplete data collection processes.

  • Saves time by obtaining permission from the consumer to initiate the collection of EHR in real time when the proposed insured is engaged in providing medical history.

  • Simplifies and speeds the application process.

  • Reduces the workload for the underwriters or other staff from needing to initiate the collection of EHR separately.

  • Integrates the carriers automated underwriting system directly into ExamComplete, CallComplete or UComplete data collection processes.

  • Allows for real time engagement between the AUS and the applicant, at the point where the applicant is entering the data.

  • Decisioning can be immediate.

  • Collateral information searches (MIB, MVR, Rx) are done in real time.

  • Information is reconciled in real time.

  • AUS extends the reach of a carriers

  • AUS to enable faster decisions and speed the application process.


Questions on ApplicInt Products, Services & Pricing Contact:

Email: sales@applicint-usa.com

Phone: (775) 325-4603

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