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ApplicInt Product

ApplicInt Product

ApplicInt’s End-to-End Digital Platform Accelerates the Drop Ticket Process for Life Insurance!

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Questions on ApplicInt Products, Services & Pricing Contact:

Email: sales@applicint-usa.com

Phone: (775) 325-4603

ApplicInt transforms the Life Insurance eApp process

  • Integrated with carrier’s automated underwriting process.

  • Scoring of data based on carrier rules

  • Easy Access – Agency or Carrier Portal

  • Multi-carrier life insurance quoting

  • eApp with intelligent reflexive questioning

  • Integrated call center process

  • Digital Paramed with the largest paramed providers.

  • Flexible workflow

  • Submitted to carrier in-good-order

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FAST ApplicInt Suite standardizes the Life Insurance Medical Reflexive questions. It is a low cost, quick 2-3 week implementation. There are 3 solutions: FAST U*Complete for eApp, FAST CallComplete for a call center, and FAST ExamComplete for a digital Paramed.


  • Create a 100% Digital Application Process with an Electronic Lap Slip

  • Electronically Collect Lab Slip Information

  • Lab Slip Number Verification

  • Validation of Data

  • Improved Data Accuracy & Quality eliminating Illegible paper

  • Revolutionizes the Process to obtain Medical Records for the 25% o Physicians that require a Special Authorization Form

  • Cuts time to obtain a Special Authorization up to 90%

  • Collects the proposed insured’s Signature & Initials so that it can be applied later to any APS Request

  • No “drop-outs” for Special Auth Requests

  • Captures eSignature for 300 of the Commonly Used Special Authorization Forms

  • Significantly Accelerates the process for a Special Authorization for Medical Records, which takes up to 6 weeks when done manually

  • Fully accepted by Medical Record Facilities

  • Integrates Milliman Pharmaceutical History into ExamComplete, CallComplete, UComplete and eSlip.

  • Downloads associated Physician History.

  • Adds detailed Pharma History to fulfillment process including:

– Dosage and Frequency

– When first began taking the medication

– When the medication was last refilled with the number of doses


  • Reconciliation Page provides the ability to mitigate any medication not acknowledged when collecting medical history.

  • RxComplete in eSlip – Collect and mitigate RxHistory with Blood/Physical Measurements Exam.

  • Converts your existing ExamComplete application to a Call Center application

  •  Data seamlessly and securely transfers to the Call Center

  • Fully integrated application process

  • Customer Identity Remotely Validated (Phone or Computer)

  • 2 Factor Authentication

  • Securely Verifies Signers Identity Meeting Industry Compliances standards

  •  Integrates the collection of electronic health records (EHR) directly into ApplicInt’s ExamComplete, CallComplete or UComplete data collection processes.

  • Saves time by obtaining permission from the consumer to initiate the collection of EHR in real time when the proposed insured is engaged in providing medical history.

  • Simplifies and speeds the application process.

  • Reduces the workload for the underwriters or other staff from needing to initiate the collection of EHR separately.

  • Integrates the carriers automated underwriting system directly into ExamComplete, CallComplete or UComplete data collection processes.

  • Allows for real time engagement between the AUS and the applicant, at the point where the applicant is entering the data.

  • Decisioning can be immediate.

  • Collateral information searches (MIB, MVR, Rx) are done in real time.

  • Information is reconciled in real time.

  • AUS extends the reach of a carriers

  • AUS to enable faster decisions and speed the application process.

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Questions on ApplicInt Products, Services & Pricing Contact:

Email: sales@applicint-usa.com

Phone: (775) 325-4603

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