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liz is a modular suite comprised of three stand-alone solutions that work great separately, and even better together. This solution suite pertains to life insurance lines of business – hence the name – and allows for end-to-end business cycles to take place without prior infrastructure and very minimal IT resources.

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liz life Glassbox
liz sphere

liz flow is a modular, pure no-code e-application, and a product configuration & management platform. Deploy liz flow for back-office systems, e-application journeys, as well as new business processing, policy issue, or multiple e-signature options. We deliver liz flow as Software as a Service or SaaS. But the best part is, pure no-code means no development resources are required.


  • liz pure no-code module.

  • Various e-signature and e-delivery capabilities.

  • Supports any base products, riders and other combinations.

  • Available with a calculation engine or can connect via API to any existing engine.

  • Easy to adjust and update.

  • Real-time data collection capabilities.

  • Can be designed in any order and adjusted to any distribution model.

liz assess sphere

liz assess is thinktum’s AI-driven personalized underwriting engine. It supports any and all combinations of underwriting models. Accelerated, simplified, reflexive, dynamic, traditional, hybrid, and more.

Can be used for any type of offering, including large and complex cases. Highly intelligent decisions and recommendations engine, including simple – accept, decline, or refer-to-underwriter; complex – actual mortality rating calculations; comorbidity factors and third-party data sources.

  • Automated, personalized & intuitive flow optimizes.

  • customer journey and advisor experience.

Use of behavioral analysis to maximize honest disclosure, avoid human errors, and minimize anti-selection.

  • Can deploy and operate multiple underwriting flows simultaneously.

  • No-code workbench and pre-assessment modules are available.

  • Designed to support advisors, direct-to-consumer (DTC), and hybrid distribution models.

No-code technology empowers underwriters

  • Fast and easy integration and deployment.

  • Frequent and instant adjustments and updates.

  • Greater risk control and management.

  • Glass-box (transparent) underwriting decision flow.

  • Real-time application reviews, both completions and tries.

  • Executive underwriting summary with links to critical data points.


  • liz AI-driven underwriting module.

  • Review and modernization of underwriting guidelines.

  • Frequent and instant system updates with minimal IT/PM resources.

  • Automated, personalized & intuitive approach.

  • Accurate & detailed risk assessment process.

  • Increasing use of behavioral analysis & assessment.

  • Actual mortality risk, no subsidizing impaired risks.

  • Maximizing honest disclosure, avoiding human errors & minimizing anti-selection.

  • Users & applicants behavioral analytics & recommendations: e.g., fraud & misrepresentation detection algorithms.

  • Integration of multiple 3rd party data sources.

  • Instant system (no-code) updates & adjustments:

    • System optimization.

    • Risk appetite.

    • Degree of manual underwriting.

    • Greater control over risk.

  • Integration with Reinsurer rules engine:

    • Strong knowledge of reinsurance rules engine.

    • Development and implementation of underwriting workbench.

liz data sphere

liz data is our data processing and analytics module. liz data provides real-time analytics in the form of monitoring dashboards, logs, timestamps, and more.

liz data pulls behavioral analytics data from end-users such as agents and applicants. Optimizing data analysis using:

  • demographic data.

  • risk data.

  • user journey data.

Upgraded reporting capabilities optimize the customer journey and develop predictive analysis.

In-force data cause and effect analysis on claims and policyholder behavior.

Data visualization advanced capabilities

Unique real-time log feature, including:

  • user journey timestamps.

  • detection of fraud, misrepresentation, and anti-selection.

  • instant alerts and recommendations.

Business, risk, and behavioral data analyses.

Upcoming supervised and unsupervised machine learning data analysis.


  • liz module.

  • Structured data collection, analysis, and real-time reporting.

  • Data analysis with built-in logic.

  • Real-time data analysis modules.

    • Real-time Audit Logs.

    • Data Visualization Dashboard.

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