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SAFE - Paperclip

SAFE - Paperclip

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Paperclip SAFE is an innovative data security solution that ensures continuous encryption across every data state, including in-use. Unlike traditional solutions that decrypt data to support searchability, Paperclip SAFE enables search without ever decrypting or exposing the data to threats. It’s designed to prevent data theft and ransomware attacks both on-premises and in the cloud, making it a trusted choice for organizations.

Key Features

Always Encrypted


It keeps data encrypted at all points of the data lifecycle: at rest, in transit, and in use.



Paperclip SAFE addresses the speed problem typically associated with encryption-in-use. Its patented shredded data storage architecture provides an advantage in speeding up searchable symmetrical encryption.



With a single solution and a simple API connectivity, there’s no need to ever decrypt and re-encrypt data.



Paperclip SAFE offers an affordable price point, replacing multiple data security solutions while providing encryption at rest, in motion, and data masking technology.

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