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Recorded Webinars

Recorded Webinars


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The Evolution of Principal Financial Group’s Digital Transformation Strategy with Ryan Downing, VP and CIO of Enterprise Business Solutions

September, 2023

Principal Financial Group is changing the life insurance landscape through evolving digital transformation from a contract-focused process to a customer-centered approach.

August 29th, 2023

Leveraging Enterprise Data and AI for Customer-Centric Solutions with Jeff Donaldson, Mutual of America Financial Group

August, 2023

On this episode of Life Accelerated, Jeff Donaldson shares the company’s journey towards digital transformation.

July 25th, 2023

Building a Technology-Enabled Foundation with Jeff Hughes from Brighthouse Financial

July, 2023

Accelerate your understanding of business transformation and technology as Jeff Hughes takes us on a journey through the past five years of his professional life, where he played a pivotal role in successfully transitioning Brighthouse Financial to a new foundation.

June 27th, 2023

Automation, Digitization and Data with Aegon CTO Deb Waters

June, 2023

Deb Waters, CTO of Aegon N.V., talks with Life Accelerated Podcast’s Anthony O’Donnell about how the global insurer has focused on simplification of core systems and of the customer experience powered by emerging data sources.

Mastering Life Insurance and Customer Engagement with Foresters Financial

May, 2023

Matt covers the transformation of the life insurance industry through digital innovation, how modern technology can boost customer engagement, and the importance of adapting your product offerings to address ever-changing customer expectations.

How to Ingest, Transform, and Feed Data with Voya’s Santhosh Keshavan

April, 2023

Santhosh Keshavan, EVP and CIO at Voya, disclosed how they are taking advantage of data and turning it into something intelligent to boost them up the ladder.

June 6th, 2023

Webinar Interview with Kartik Sakthivel Ph.D. – CIO of LIMRA and LOMA
Importance of Education, AI and Insurtech Trends. This is a must see video with great insights on the latest in Life Insurance Technology and AI. Also the importance of continuing education to stay ahead in the latest insurtech.

Remember When?…. | The Long-Term

May 30th, 2023

Insurtech Insights with Ken Leibow

The Society of Actuaries podcast offers unique content about the actuarial profession. In their latest episode, I had the honor of participating and discussing my views on the evolution of technology and insurance with Blake Hill the Moderator from dacadoo.

MetLife’s secrets to success with Bill Pappas

March, 2023

Bill Pappas, Head of Global Technology and Operations at MetLife, reveals their strategies, future plans, objectives, and how they are overcoming challenges through their ambitious moves. 

Unlocking faster and more simplified life insurance: Legal & General America’s transformation journey with Raju Seetheraman

February, 2023

Legal & General America’s SVP, IT and Transformation of the life insurance division, Raju Seetharaman, has developed new ways to make it easier for Americans to get insurance and has helped L&G grow their market share.

Improving the agent experience through digital transformation with Sammons Financial Group

February, 2023

Kelly Coomer, CIO of Sammons Financial Group, is determined to improve customer experience by modernizing technology with a product-minded approach, but must overcome the challenge of balancing technology and business teams for success. 

Learn how to unlock the power of digital transformation and revolutionize your business  with the Life Accelerated Podcast.

Happy New Year 2023! Let’s Talk Secure 2.0 and lots of other things! | The Long-Term

January 31st, 2023

How Western & Southern Adapted Digital Transformation to Meet Customer Expectations

January, 2023

Acquisition after acquisition, Western & Southern is a stronger value for their customers. Jim Fitzgerald, SVP & CIO at Western & Southern, joined Equisoft’s Life Accelerated podcast to share why our acquisition strategy and approach to digital transformation has outperformed competitors.

Unwrapping Why Planning is so Important | The Long-Term

December 27th, 2022

Legal & General Reveals Their U.S. and U.K. Market Differences & Strategy

December, 2022

Legal & General and Chief Technology and Data Officer of the Retail Division Morgan Spillane know a thing or two about entering a new market. The global company has won nations over with our digital customer experience – for both consumers and businesses. Morgan reveals how in this episode of Life Accelerated.

December 07, 2022

Are insurance agents in danger of being replaced entirely by new technology and automation? In this podcast, I’m joined by Rahim Rajpar from Plum Life to talk about a new all-digital way to sell policies, help your clients, and work more efficiently!

Life insurance is flooded with data: Celent’s Keith Raymond knows how to leverage it

November, 2022

With all the data at your disposal today, you should be able to make intelligent, strategic decisions for your organization. Keith Raymond, Principal Analyst – Life, Annuities & Health, The Americas at Celent, reveals his recommendations to leverage data and improve the customer experience. Tune into the full episode of Life Accelerated to learn how.

November, 2022

Over the last 100 years, life insurance has shifted to be more about death than actual living. John Hancock has changed that.  With their focus on vitality and wellbeing, John Hancock and VP, Head of Behavioral Insurance Lindsay Hanson reveal how they’ve partnered and innovated faster than ever before.

The Future of InsurTech with One of the Industry’s First Venture Capitalists

October 26, 2022

The future of InsurTech with one of the industry’s first venture capitalists

SVP & Head of New York Life VenturesJoel Albarella explains what the market looks like and reveals why he’s betting big on insurtech. Listen to this Life Accelerated episode to learn why.

Agile is the way: How two life insurance giants excel post-pandemic

October 12, 2022

In this episode of Life Accelerated, Kim Pfiffner, Chief Information Officer at Principal and Brian Poppe, Chief Data Officer at Mutual of Omaha reveal what made them so successful – from agile methodologies and stronger leadership to insurtech partnerships.

How National Life Has Grown at a Double Digit Rate for a Decade 

September 28, 2022

National Life CIO Nimesh Mehta says the talent war was won by the talent itself. In this episode of Life Accelerated, he reveals how National Life has grown faster than anyone in the industry. And no surprise here – it’s because of our people.


Building an adaptable tech stack from scratch with Equitable 

September 14, 2022

Equitable’s employee benefits sector started in 2015, and now in 2022 they cover nearly 700,000 people. Alyssa Arellano, Head of Technology Strategy, shares her 6 verticals for looking at customer interactions and how those dictate Equitable’s technology and digital transformation strategy. Listen in to hear how they are thinking about technology differently to best serve their customers.

Creating Innovation through Simplification with CUNA Mutual 

August 31, 2022

CUNA Mutual is on a mission to reduce the barriers to entry in the life insurance industry. In this episode, Kevin Cummer, Director of Life Products, and Nick Rohan, Director of Partnership Management break down their customer-centric strategy of simplification and leveraging technology.

How to help your clients through divorce, widowhood and caregiving. | The Long-Term

September 27th, 2022

Just 2 gals chatting about LTC; lots of industry updates! | The Long-Term

August 3oth, 2022

The Top 5 initiatives the most innovative industry leaders are prioritizing | Life Accelerated

This week on the Life Accelerated podcast, the industry’s most innovative tech leaders weigh in on the top 5 initiatives that they’re laser-focused on in 2022—from modernization to talent acquisition and retention to cloud-based technologies, this episode will become the north star for your 2022 efforts and beyond.

Balancing the Human & the Machine to Improve Customer Experience with Protective’s COO | Life Accelerated

Technology is intertwined in nearly every facet of life insurance today. But Protective’s COO Cissy Williams takes a different perspective. In her appearance on Equisoft’s Life Accelerated podcast, you’ll learn how to use empathy to balance the human and tech elements of the customer experience.

A 175-year-old data science innovation conversation with Penn Mutual | Life Accelerated

Modernization and innovation of data science is what keeps Penn Mutual’s life insurance sector moving, even after 175 years. Listen in as Greg Driscoll, COO of Penn Mutual, describes the way that cloud technology, new interfaces, and an Accelerated Client Experience are innovating the way they do business.

Health Transformers Live: SmartTab, Trusty.care, Personal Remedies, care.coach

In this informative discussion between Health Transformers on the 2022 StartUp Health Festival stage, Lauren Schafer sat down with Sacha Heppell, Chief Marketing Officer, SmartTab; Joseph Schneier, CEO & Co-founder, Trusty.care; Mory Bahar, CEO & Founder, Personal Remedies; and Victor Wang, CEO & Founder, care.coach. They shared the moonshot missions of each of their companies, how COVID has impacted health innovation, lessons learned in building their companies, and more.

At Trusty.care, Joseph Schneier Is Dedicated to Preventing Healthcare Bankruptcy

Joseph Schneier, CEO & Founder, of Trusty.care believes that no American should go bankrupt because of healthcare costs. Trusty.care – which joined StartUp Health in 2018 – makes it easy for professionals to guide consumers to the right health plan that meets their needs. On the flip side, Trusty.care takes the data they’ve collected and helps the insurance companies understand the needs of consumers to create better health plans.

Forrester Analyst on What the Industry’s Future Holds & How to Prepare | Life Accelerated

Join Anthony O’Donnell of Insurance Innovation Reporter as he speaks with Forrester Analyst Ellen Carney on shifting priorities within the life insurance industry that every tech leader should be aware of–only on Equisoft’s Life Accelerated podcast.

Principal CIO on How a Strong IT Relationship Can Revolutionize Your Business Life Accelerated

Don’t think IT can be a source for substantial change? Principal has proven otherwise. Learn in this episode of Life Accelerated how Kim Pfiffner, VP & CIO of U.S. Insurance Solutions, and the Principal team have streamlined internal processes to make our jobs easier, simplify the customer journey and bolster our digital offerings.

How Northwestern Mutual remains agile with customer needs | Life Accelerated

Being a chief customer officer means providing the best tools to solve the biggest problems. Northwestern Mutual’s CCO Christian Mitchell joined Equisoft’s Life Accelerated podcast to share how we are meeting clients’ needs today and in the future.

MRS Tech Episode 7

Underwriting and changing to an automated system MRS TECH

June 16, 2022

MRS TECH is a podcast series developed by Management Research Services (MRS).  Each episode will bring together a few thought leaders in the life insurance industry to have a discussion around various insurance automation topics.  Episode #7 welcomed in Cumpane Solutions to discuss underwriting and changing to an automated solution.

2 mom’s, 2 LTC claims at the same time. Both very different. | The Long-Term

May 31th, 2022

The last Tuesday of the month, and you don’t want to miss Producers XL’s live podcast The Long-Term, agency advice with Angie Hughes LTCP. The topic for this month: 2 mom’s, 2 LTC claims at the same time. Both very different. Come listen to a real-life story about 2 dementia claims and how they played out very differently.

Why Data Is the North Star at New York Life | Life Accelerated

New York Life’s Alex Cook joined podcast Life Accelerated to uncover how the company’s data science and artificial intelligence have driven industry progress.

SVP, Technology Modernization Brian Poppe joined Equisoft’s Life Accelerated podcast to discuss Mutual of Omaha’s digital priorities. Meeting modern customer demands is now easier than ever before.

The big bets MassMutual has made to disrupt life insurance distribution | Life Accelerated 

“We set out to disrupt the life insurance market on the distribution side. In order to do that…you need the right underpinning technology.”

In this week’s episode of the Life Accelerated podcast from Equisoft, Head of Platform Transformation at MassMutual, Sherriff Balogun Jr., shares how his team created a B2C distribution channel that is disrupting the industry.

Introducing CareForward! You’ve listened to the webinars, now come get the tid-bits you need to make the sale! | The Long-Term.

April 27th, 2022

The last Tuesday of the month, and you don’t want to miss Producers XL’s live podcast The Long-Term, agency advice with Angie Hughes LTCP. The topic for this month: Introducing CareForward! You’ve listened to the webinars, now come get the tid-bits you need to make the sale!

PSG LIDMA April 22 Webinar

PSG LIDMA April 20, 2022 Webinar


If you are looking to streamline the field underwriting process, don’t miss the chance to view the recording of our recent Life Insurance Direct Marketing Association Webinar featuring Paperless Solutions Group, an MIB Business.

Life Accelerated an Equisoft Podcast

Episode 1: How Customers Fuel Technology Transformation at Ameritas

How does a 150-year old organization go from being “data rich, information poor, and analytically ignorant”, to leading the technology transformation in the life insurance industry? This is Ameritas’ story–and Richard Wiedenbeck is currently leading the innovation charge for this century-and-a-half old institution.

Richard Wiedenbeck, CTTO of Ameritas, joins Anthony to talk about how he’s helping to lead their charge in digital transformation. Richard shares his insights on customer-focused technology adoption, how to begin your journey toward operational efficiency, and seeking out a “digitally enabled” workforce as they continue to grow.

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