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InsurTech Express Enjoy Rave Reviews For Their Life Insurance Sales Solutions

By GetNews Published March 16, 2022


Leading providers of tech-driven life insurance solutions, InsurTech Express, continue to receive accolades from clients across the United States.


The team at InsurTech Express has grown tremendously in a relatively short while, with the company’s life insurance technology consulting services standing them out in the industry. InsurTech Express helps insurance businesses to leverage the power of technology to deliver the best possible experience to their clients while ensuring enhanced engagement.


The global insurance industry has evolved over the years, with technology and its inherent solutions helping to drive the growth of the multi-billion-dollar market. Life insurance remains one of the largest segments of the market. Unfortunately, a good number of companies still struggle to harness the immense features of technology to grow their brand. The situation is not particularly different in the United States, which is where InsurTech Express has been able to make a difference, judging by the series of accolades from clients.


The North Carolina-based company has been described as the “principal resource to bring the Life Insurance and Annuity Community together in one easy-to-access, secure online location for information on insurance technology,” providing clients with the ultimate Life Insurance Sales Platform that addresses their varying needs with relative ease.


InsurTech companies using the company’s solutions for insurance agency management systems and automated underwriting solutions have continued to drop amazing reviews for their software solutions as well as mobile apps and custom development services. “InsurTech Express is a critical resource for any executive, carrier or distributor involved in the Life and Annuities sector today.” – Matt Essick, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at Ensight


For further information about InsurTech Express and the range of solutions offered, visit – https://www.insurtechexpress.com/. InsurTech Express can also be found across social media, including Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube.


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