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Karina Laurito

Marketing Specialist

My professional career began in 2016 with a technical degree in event organization, which I developed for 3 years, in which I worked in that role with the company Demmer Productions where I managed to develop my charisma, communication skills, and customer service.


In 2019, after finishing my bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, I had the opportunity to provide my services for GlaxoSmithKline as an assistant in the marketing area specifically for Oral and Skin Health in CARICAM. This year I acquired a performance scholarship to continue my degree in marketing at the Latin American University of Sciences and Technology, while simultaneously specializing in neuromarketing at the Technological Institute of Costa Rica.


A year later, at the end, I perceived a great opportunity worldwide when facing the pandemic, so I made the decision to take advantage of my knowledge and I acquired the challenge of starting my own Brand’s Heart business to support all those businesses that they seek to fight for their growth. Entrepreneurship with which I provide marketing, advertising and events services to different companies such as Pastas Roma, UCMAS, Dr. Guillermo Paternina, among others; to whom I offer the opportunity to make a difference and establish innovative and creative communication and marketing strategies.


Currently, I continue to update myself in Spain through a master’s degree in Marketing and Digital Business and Big Data, two large branches that have begun to expand more and more each day and have come to revolutionize the world.

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