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MediPro Direct Services

MediPro Direct Services

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To get started with the MediPro Direct network and Quality First case management system, select from the following:

Life Insurance Exam

MediPro Direct helps reduce cycle time, increase coverage, and improve professionalism throughout the insurance exam process. With a highly experienced management team, industry-leading case management platform, and one of the largest examiner networks in the industry, MediPro Direct is your premier paramedical exam solution.


With zero setup or implementation costs, our customer-centric solutions help you to:

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In addition, the MediPro Direct case management system includes real-time scheduling, customizable status updates, and existing integration with leading agency management systems.

MediPro Direct’s Tier1 Network with Quality First is a groundbreaking paramedical network that enhances your business with concierge-level service at standard paramedical exam pricing [1].  This network is being offered to specific carriers and includes the following benefits:

  • Exceptional Examiners: Work only with top-rated examiners nationally based on experience, feedback ratings, turn-around time, and exam error ratio.[2]  These examiners are paid up to 2.5x the industry average and help reduce reschedules, missed draws, communication delays, and other issues caused by inexperienced or unprofessional examiners.
  • Real-Time Reporting: View vendor quality and applicant feedback data in real-time through MediPro Direct’s Quality First dashboard, allowing you spend more time building business, and less time following up on exam concerns.[3]
  • Cost-Saving Integrations: Simplify exam ordering and further reduce exam errors with Applicint’s electronic paramed through MediPro Direct, as well as integrations with iPipeline, and other leading case management platforms.
  • A partnership with MediPro Direct means preparing for the future, while also giving more to your customers, and to your company, today.
  • Standard pricing means we do not bill a premium for the Tier1 network as this is the exclusive network we utilize for agency, brokerage, IMO, DM, and carrier business.
  • Licensed examiners with at least 2 years of field experience, a 90%+ applicant feedback rating, and an error ratio below 2% over at least the prior 6-month period.  Generally, this network represents the top 20% of rated examiners from a field of more than 14,000.
  • Exam experience surveys sent after 100% of exams and followed up by a phone call with an average response rate of 60%

Zip Scheduler

MediPro Direct has launched Zip Scheduler, an industry leading tool that can help drive down exam cycle time. Do away with the traditional scheduling process searching for coverage after you add the applicant demographics; Zip Scheduler allows you to search for examiner coverage prior to adding any applicant demographics. MediPro Direct listened to industry voices, “Instant search of examiner availability would be a game changer”!

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To hear more about MediPro Direct or schedule a demo reach out to our team to start discussions at 1-877-268-1021

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