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LexisNexis® Risk Classifier with Medical Data Storefront

LexisNexis® Risk Classifier with Medical Data Storefront


LexisNexis® Risk Classifier with Medical Data combines the power of behavioral and medical data insights to help get a more complete picture of risk. Through near real-time data analytics tools, personal history and clinical laboratory history, insurers are able to make more precise underwriting decisions and help improve the consumer experience. By combining all of these elements, life insurers have a unique advantage and the ability to implement stronger mortality scoring based on underlying attributes.

With the addition of medical attributes to behavioral attributes, derived from public records, credit attributes and driving behavior, a fuller picture of risk is achievable. Risk Classifier with Medical Data helps to give insurers a look at unknown information potentially unseen before in a single mortality model. Laboratory and medical data help improve mortality scoring while lowering costs, giving carriers a unique advantage over prescription history alone.

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The combined model also assists in improving the customer experience by simplifying, streamlining and accelerating the underwriting process, reducing the need for a lengthy initial interview. Life insurers can now use the six behavioral and medical data fields to see a better combined mortality risk score:

  • Public Records
  • Credit Attributes
  • Driving Behavior
  • Prescription History
  • Clinical Lab Data
  • Medical Diagnoses

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