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The Leads Warehouse - Lead Generation

The Leads Warehouse - Lead Generation

The Leads Warehouse specializes in providing high-quality leads for insurance agents and brokers. They offer leads in various verticals, including Medicare, and Final Expense. Whether you’re looking for aged leads, real-time leads, or click-to-call leads, they can connect you with interested consumers who have opted in for more information. Their leads are fully compliant and designed to yield above-average contact ratios and call times.


Quality Assurance

CMS & Carriers approved.

Leads are non-incentivized, full-form, and come from paid search and remarketing efforts.


Consumer Iniciative In Bound Call

Not subject to the 48 hour rule. (TCPA irrevelant)


Scalable and Effective

The Leads Warehouse generates up to 500 daily billable health insurance inbound call leads through aggressive advertising.


Additional Value

Beyond leads, they offer full access to the marketing, campaign tactics, tech tips, and compliance guidance

TWL Medicare Leads are generated when Medicare-eligible seniors opt in for more information about Medicare plans, sourced from CMS-approved marketing and stand-alone communication creatives, during AEP, OEP, or SEP, to connect with your team.

Real-time Medicare Leads

 These leads give immediate access to interested seniors who have opted in for a discussion on Medicare plans. They offer high intent consumers, 24/7 availability, and lower CPAs.

Click-to-call Medicare Leads

These leads come from seniors who responded to CMS-approved marketing creatives and want to speak directly with a representative about Medicare plans. They offer impressive call times and geographic coverage.


Medicare Close Rate 

TWL Final Expense Leads are created when consumers opt in to receive more information about final expense insurance. Opt-ins come from stand-alone, long-form, form-fill final expense  Internet pages as well as TCPA-compliant marketing creatives on social sites. These consumers are ready to speak with your team about possible final expense policies.

Real-time Final Expense Leads

Access highly interested consumers who have opted in for immediate calls about final expense policies. These leads offer high intent, 24/7 availability, and lower CPAs.

Click-to-Call Final Expense Leads

High-intent consumers respond directly to marketing creatives on social sites, placing calls to representatives for immediate discussions about final expense insurance.

1 out of every 3 Calls on Average

Close Rate 

$65 for 90 second buffer

Fascinating Statistics You Should Know


of inbound calls should pass the buffer.


average on raw call.


average on billable calls.

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