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Lead Generation: Click Voyage

Lead Generation: Click Voyage

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Life Insurance Leads


Validated Life Insurance Leads – Aged Leads Are “Sales Ready”

Perfect for your Marketing Automation Software like “HubSpot” and “Constant Contact”

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    Follow these to order life insurance sales leads.

    STEP 1

    Fill out Order Form Online (Click Submit Button)

    STEP 2

    The Click Voyage Team will review your order and email you a Secure Payment Link the same day. Click the link and enter your Credit Card or PayPal information.
    (If the Click Voyage Team has any questions, then you will receive an email for you to reply with your answers.)

    STEP 3

    In 2 hours or less, you will receive an email with a secure link to download your Click Voyage Lead Lists in an Excel Spreadsheet and a CSV File.



    We track Leads by Account so you will never get duplicate leads.

    Life Insurance LEADS


    Remember this Link: ClickVoyageLeads.com


    Click Voyage Lead Generation Service produces Accurate – Quick Lead Lists for Email Campaigns, Social Media Campaigns and Call Lists! Yes these leads are people who are looking to buy life insurance sales leads. We have 2 pricing plans below. The lower cost plan are for leads that have aged. The new leads price plan are for leads as recent as 2 weeks ago. The date of the insurance request is included on the spreadsheet you receive.

    Life Insurance Sales Leads includes Face Amount and product type (Term, UL, Whole Life and Final Expense). Some of the leads include smoking status, marital status, height and weight. You will receive their age (DOB), and all the contact information (Mailing Address, Email Address and Phone Number). We will send you 2 files: A CSV file will allow you to import the lead list into any CRM or Marketing Program. We will also give you an Excel Spreadsheet. See sample spreadsheet below.

    Consulting on Marketing Tools available upon request.


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    How to Fill out the Order Form

    Fields with an “*” are Required for you  to complete

    Name: Include your first and last name

    Email: Please add your email address

    Phone: Please add your contact phone number.

    Number of Leads: Please indicate the number of leads. Newer Leads Price Plan the minimum order is 100 leads and the Older Discount Price Plan the minimum order is 300 Leads

    Age: Put in the age range. Example 45-60

    Location: You can specify one or more locations like States, Cities, and Zip Codes. If you leave it blank, then we will include all locations

    Lead Price Plan: “Newer” is the default, but you can change it to “Older Discounted” by clicking the circle. If you are looking to do a custom order request, then choose “Other” and type in the detail in the message notes.

    Sample Lead List: Click to View

    Sample ClickVoyage Lead List

    Source of the Leads

    ClickVoyage leads are Internet insurance or financial quote requests that originated from real time lead aggregators, lead generators, publishers, or lead brokers. Those lead vendors typically used search engines, email, display ads, Facebook ads, or mobile ads to generate the leads they provide us with. The leads should not have been generated using any incentivized means and will very rarely include any co-registrations or surveys. We do not generate any leads inhouse. We have access to  massive amounts of leads that are aggregated monthly. These leads were put thru various 3rd party validation and enrichment processes upon import and periodically thereafter, and then make them available for sale.

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