“A One Stop Life Insurance Resource.”

Human API Health Intelligence Platform

Human API Health Intelligence Platform

Health Intelligence Platform

Goodbye data, hello intelligence


Built to radically accelerate the pace of innovation by connecting and converting health data into actionable insights for enterprise businesses.

One platform, many capabilities

Smart Orchestration & Ordering

  • Automate routing and medical evidence retrieval by selecting the best data source for a specific use case.

  • For a post issue audit, use a “no touch” order type that leverages HIPAA authorization for EHR networks and traditional APS. Automatically cancel the order if a special auth required.

Data Normalization Engine

  • Our proprietary normalization engine ingests unstructured data and normalizes it, going beyond access to make data usable in various formats.

Reporting & Analytics

  • Parse structured data and surfaces useful intelligence at the right time, to the right user.

  • Choose from a library of pre-built reports that can be used to accelerate underwriting or quickly create custom reports that meet new use cases.

  • Reports can be configured and deliver in desired formats (PDF, JSON, CSV).

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