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Experience the Difference: The Power of AI for Seamless CX

Experience the Difference: The Power of AI for Seamless CX

Date: 2024-03-05

In today’s competitive landscape, insurers face the challenge of balancing cost-cutting measures with delivering exceptional customer experiences. Learn how to achieve both using cutting-edge AI in our upcoming webinar, “Experience the Difference: The Power of AI for Seamless CX”.

On March 5 at 11am EST, we’ll be covering how to:

• Harness the power of AI to reduce wait times and personalize journeys

• Blend tech with human touch to keep empathy front and center of your CX strategy

• Tackle both your data and employee education strategies to smoothen implementation

• Consider where your customers would really benefit from AI implementation, and where it could hinder rather than help Our expert moderator Lisa Wardlaw will be joined by:

• Preetha Sekharan, VP, Applied AI & Transformation, Unum

• Sarah Sinclair, VP, Corporate Counsel, Global Data, Privacy & AI, Prudential Financial

• Ian Blunt, VP Advanced Analytics, Highmark Health

• Raj Balasundaram, VP, Verint PS. Can’t make the time? Sign up anyway, and I’ll send you the recording afterwards!

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