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2024 Distribution Conference

2024 Distribution Conference

Date: 2023-02-26

Who Attends

Life insurance and annuity distribution professionals involved in channel growth, productivity, and reshaping distribution for success. Attendees include heads of distribution, sales, recruiting, compensation, distribution finance, training, marketing support, and product development. Enjoy the freedom to attend any of the breakout sessions across these key distribution channels — agency building, brokerage, independent, multi-line, and direct-to-consumer.


History tells us that great teams achieve the near impossible. We see it in Olympic sport, in medical research, the arts and military and particularly in business when great partnerships turns a mediocre plan into an outstanding result. The fact is that the industry functions best when we work together to solve macro needs and address the opportunities as a whole. At the 2024 Distribution Conference, distribution executives from across the industry will come together to discuss strategies on successfully leading through today’s transformative forces. How can we ‘work together’ to win? As an industry, we need to focus on the large and growing need for protection and retirement income. Working together, we can amplify our messaging in order to reach the millions of people who need our services and solutions rather than battling for the limited market share we have today. By 2030, gaps in investors’ retirement savings and needed protections are projected to exceed hundreds of trillions of dollars. This presents an opportunity for insurance companies to better serve current and potential customers to bridge these chasms. Although facing challenges, the life insurance and annuity industry has enormous potential to grow. Our industry is constantly evolving and we face various challenges that require innovative thinking. Together, we can identify solutions to these challenges, including; technological disruption, cybersecurity risks, changing customer expectations, regulatory compliance, talent retention and skill gaps, fraud, economic volatility, and so much more. Turning these challenges into opportunities requires a combination of technological innovation, strategic planning, regulatory compliance, and customer-centric approaches. We must be adaptable and proactive in embracing change to stay competitive in an evolving industry. This year’s conference will address how we can work together as an industry to solve the problems around business issues and processing that keep advisors from more fully engaging in the market. Together, we can better prepare for the shape of things to come. Don’t miss this premier event for distribution professionals. Community Engagement: This year’s Distribution Conference will be providing an opportunity to leave a lasting impact through donations to the Amelia Island Sea Turtle Watch. More Information

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