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Diameter Health Fusion

Diameter Health Fusion

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The need for faster, less expensive and more accurate risk assessment is transforming the life insurance industry. Digital clinical data is increasingly available and presents an opportunity to accomplish these goals by providing valuable clinical details in real time. But raw clinical data is fragmented, non-standard, and just plain hard to use.

That’s where Diameter Health can help.

Diameter Health’s Fusion Technology


Diameter Health’s fully automated API-driven Fusion technology Upcycles clinical data, turning inconsistent, multi-format and non-standard clinical data into a clean, clear and precise data asset in real-time. Diameter Health’s Upcycling Data™ process, which normalizes and enriches raw clinical data for both machine and human use, makes clinical data from EHRs usable to drive real-time underwriting and risk analytics. Carriers, aggregators, and re-insurers benefit from greater insights into applicant health issues without the delays and costs of traditional health assessments or PDF Attending Physician Statements.

Turn Data Potential Into Data Power

Upcycling Data™ Makes EHR Data Usable


  • Comprehensive normalization and enrichment of data from any EHR

  • Reduces risk by surfacing key health facts

  • Generates interoperable data for predictive engines

  • Expedites underwriting with specialized web-based display

  • Proven scale and speed to improve customer experience

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“Diameter Health’s technology harvests clinical codes from electronic health records and serves up a single longitudinal view of an applicant, as well as data which is ready for use in automation and modeling. Swiss Re then applies industry leading risk knowledge and underwriting expertise to provide an underwriting recommendation. The result is a truly future-ready underwriting process that is faster, smarter and simpler for the end consumer.”

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