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dacadoo Risk Engine

dacadoo Risk Engine

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The dacadoo Risk Engine is designed for reinsurers, insurers and providers.

With limited self-reported data, the Risk Engine calculates mortality and morbidity risks and provides full data sets with 100 data points for each record. It does this by imputing estimated values for all missing data. For example, if only age, gender, height and weight of a person are provided, the engine will impute 96 missing data points, including blood values and other bio-metric data.

The dacadoo Risk Engine works with as little as four data points (age, gender, height and weight) and can work with up to 100.

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Use Case for Accelerated Underwriting


The dacadoo Risk Engine produces full data sets for each person by imputing values for all missing data inputs.

The output of the dacadoo Risk Engine can support the pricing and underwriting engine of insurers & reinsurers to facilitate fluid-less online underwriting and increase the amount of Straight-Through-Processing (STP).


Use Case for Dynamic Pricing


To enable flexible premium pricing as part of a Pay-As-You-Live (PAYL) product offering, customer health related data needs to be continuously updated.

We combine our Risk Engine with our award-winning Health Engagement Platform. This helps users to actively manage their health by tracking body, mind and lifestyle data in a playful way.

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