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dacadoo Health Engagement Platform

dacadoo Health Engagement Platform

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Digital Health Engagement Platform (DHEP)

dacadoo develops and operates a comprehensive Health Engagement Platform to motivate users to achieve and maintain healthy lifestyle habits. The platform combines motivational techniques from behavioral science with functions from online gaming and social networking as well as automated, AI-based coaching to activate and engage its users.

It works as a personal health coach in users’ pockets, rewarding them for personal achievements and helping them to attain their goals.

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A user is able to sign up to dacadoo in few simple steps. They can track over 120 different activities directly with dacadoo or connect their preferred tracking devices and/or apps.

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The dacadoo Health Score simplifies a user’s health status to a single number from 0 to 1,000, to make health measurable and understandable. It is based on over 300 million person years of clinical data.

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Empowering users with access to dacadoo’s Health Engagement Platform is a good start, but it’s the ability to keep them engaged so that they adopt and maintain healthier lifestyle habits that counts.

User Engagement

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Data Visualization

Reduce the complexity of health to one single number with the Health Score and visualize data in a simple and understandable way.

Social & Community

Users can connect with friends and colleagues, comment on activities and share information via social networks.

Lifestyle Coaching

The Coach provides automated, personalized chat-style advice with tips and statistics. Users can activate a variety of goals to set health targets.


Points & Rewards

With the behavioral-based points-earning model, points can be earned for healthy behavior and redeemed in a rewards shop or for an insurance premium discount.


dacadoo applies various game mechanics to encourage users to remain active. Exercise, nutrition and photo challenges can be set up on an individual or team basis.

Wheel of Life™

The new generation of digital health engagement

The Wheel of Life™ makes digital health engagement easier than ever. Encompassing seven different dedicated areas to track a user’s holistic health and offer even more personalized goals, our Wheel of Life™ is our most accurate and engaging lifestyle navigator to date.

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