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eNoah’s eXtract Plus uses AI for Underwriting Fast APS Analysis

The medical underwriting process is tedious and time-consuming, requiring underwriters to manually sift through vast amounts of information. There is always the danger that a small error will lead to a wrong decision, necessitating intense cross-referencing to trace the mistake back to its source.

eXtract+TM enables underwriters to quickly view meaningful data and pertinent medical records and to verify the completeness of the results.

It makes the underwriter’s life significantly easier by drastically simplifying the underwriting process, minimizing human labor and human error, and allowing for greater efficiency and accuracy.

Technology Innovation: eXtract PlusTM has an innovative approach to

  • Data Abstraction
  • Data Extrapolation Methodology
  • Next Word Prediction with Algorithm
  • LSTM and Deep Learning Neural Networks

Features for eXtract Plus:

  • For an Underwriter, Easily Create a Searchable Document (Extracting Vitals, Medications & Key Information using AI Technology)
  • Render Medical Records (APS) & Lab Documents with Hyperlinks & Cover Pages
  • Validate 3rd party APS Summary for Missing Critical Information
  • Training Tool for Underwriters
  • eAPS Module (APS Summary Service)
  • Data Feeds to Reinsurers
  • Cloud or On Premise

How Does eXtract PlusTM Work?

eXtract+TM uses automated algorithms to sort large amounts of data into meaningful data clusters with 99% accuracy, helping you find what you need quickly and effectively.

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