Proforce AI Unveils Revolutionary AI-Powered Spreadsheet for the Insurance Industry

Proforce AI Unveils Revolutionary AI-Powered Spreadsheet for the Insurance Industry

By Proforce Ledger - 22 January 2024

Ridgefield, CT, January 20, 2024 – Proforce Ledger, Inc. (“Proforce AI”), a leader in innovative artificial intelligence solutions, is excited to announce the launch of its groundbreaking AI-based online prediction software, set to transform the landscape of the financial services industry.
This patented new technology uses a combination of sophisticated algorithms and AI-based pattern recognition methods to quickly create “what-if” scenarios from a single insurance illustration, spreadsheet or other table of numbers. This allows users to explore alternative ledger scenarios by simply changing a cell value and clicking “Predict.”

“We are proud to offer the life insurance and financial services industries a single solution to a number of age-old concerns,” said Inventor and Co-Founder Robert Strauss, J.D. “By allowing advisors to explore alternative scenarios instantly and effortlessly, we have greatly simplified the planning process. Advisors can now offer more optimized financial solutions, and their clients gain insight that allows for more informed decisions.”

The Proforce AI spreadsheet is available now at There is a 14-day fully functional free trial, as well as two additional subscription plans to meet the needs of every advisor. Volume discounts are also available for entities purchasing 10 or more licenses.

“The launch of Proforce AI marks a significant milestone in the use of artificial intelligence within the insurance industry”,  said Co-Founder Chris Jacob, CFP. “Our goal is to equip professionals with the most advanced tools to enhance their decision-making and provide
superior services to their clients”.
For more information about Proforce AI and its predictive spreadsheet, please visit and follow the company on LinkedIn. Patent Number US 11,790,459.


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