s.360 life udw wins Award at Insurance World Challenges 2024

s.360 life udw wins Award at Insurance World Challenges 2024

By - 28 May 2024


During the celebration of the 10th edition of the Insurance World Challenges, the Community of Insurance and the Insurtech Community Hub presented the SEAL Awards, a recognition of startups and insurtechs in the insurance sector. The event celebrated not only individual achievements but also the collective spirit of innovation and excellence driving the insurance industry forward, with a Brazilian insurtech being awarded this year.

The event, which took place on April 24th, recognized innovation in the insurance sector and featured a total of six awards presented that night:

  • Ever Health – winner in the e-health category;
  • InsurCEO – winner in the e-distribution category;
  • Insurely – winner in the e-ecosystem category;
  • S.360 life underwriting, powered by Samplemed – winner in the Special Recognition for Insurtechs LATAM category;
  • Ever Health alongside Iris Global – winners in the Best Partnership category.


To conclude the day, the special award “10 years changing the game” was presented to NTT Data, a category created exclusively for the 10th edition to publicly acknowledge the unwavering support and commitment of an organization throughout each edition of the Insurance World Challenges.


The Importance of the Award


Samplemed has been recognized and valued for its innovation. The victory at the SEAL Awards highlight its relevance and global impact with a warm reception from the European market, coinciding with the opening of new offices in Madrid and North Carolina in the same month.


“Initiating the international expansion plan, this award represents the immediate acceptance of the European market to the product concept, validating our market-fit. In other words, even for the international insurance sector, our innovative solutions are considered unprecedented.” — Luanna Eroles, Head of International Expansion at Samplemed.


Within the European market, Spain is a strategic country and a highly competitive global hub for insurtechs, ranking as the second-largest hub in Europe. The victory at the SEAL Awards represents significant recognition of the company’s contributions to the insurance sector.

The SaaS s.360 Life Underwriting – powered by Samplemed – automates life underwriting. Officially launched at CQCS in 2022, s.360 has major clients in production such as Austral RE, CAIXA and Icatu, and has also won several awards such as the Best of Insurance 2022, Insurance Award 2023, and now the SEAL Awards 2024, in addition to being a finalist in the Zurich Innovation Championship 2024, BU Brazil.

The goal of the Insurance World Challenges remains the same: to help companies implement innovative programs, lead sustainability efforts, and continue to pursue better results by doing things differently and better.


More about Samplemed:

Samplemed is a Medical Group, the Holding offers Medical Services for Life Insurance and Underwriting as well as technology, as predictive models and the s.360 SaaS. Get to know more about the s.360 and see the life underwriting websemantics writing to info@s360.life 


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