Exclusive Equisoft & Aite-Novarica Study on Insurance Distribution Bottlenecks: 40% of CIOs Cite Digital Roadblocks as Causing Policy Approval Delays

Exclusive Equisoft & Aite-Novarica Study on Insurance Distribution Bottlenecks: 40% of CIOs Cite Digital Roadblocks as Causing Policy Approval Delays

By - 9 November 2021

by Grace Ata

AVP, Product Development at Equisoft

Originally published on Equisoft Lastest News


As brought out in this Aite-Novarica research commissioned by Equisoft, the main pain points for insurance distributors when submitting new business to life insurance carriers are the lack of visibility into the process and the significant variability in the amount of time needed to pass underwriting review and issue a policy.

Philadelphia, November 9, 2021 – In a new research report commissioned by Equisoft, Aite-Novarica presents the findings of a study conducted with US life insurers to identify the bottlenecks that distributors are facing across the policy application cycle, and what could be done to help them gain more visibility into the process, avoid unnecessary delays and, ultimately, improve advisor and customer satisfaction.

“This research project was birthed out of a need for us to try to understand the truth behind the frustrations in the independent insurance channel around approval processes and timelines. We wanted to reach out to carriers and distributors, to understand what their perceptions were of the issues that were being experienced in the field. We wanted to understand what the roadblocks were as well as what carriers were doing to address these challenges.” said Grace Ata, AVP Product Development at Equisoft.

As highlighted in Aite-Novarica’s report, the main roadblocks in new business submission fall into three categories: agent delays, digital delays and process delays. Those delays experienced during the submission process are drawing out the sales cycles and hurting both the advisor and customer experiences.

“The inherent complexity of many life insurance products results in significant variability in the amount of time needed to pass underwriting review and issue a policy,” explained Paul Legutko, Senior Principal at Aite-Novarica. “Insurers recognize that some of that delay is unavoidable, but data pre-fill, quick quote, AMS integrations, third-party data, and other capabilities can accelerate the process and avoid NIGO submissions.”

Additional key findings of the report:

  • CIOs believe that the digital channel is the solution to improving communication and submission quality while increasing sales.
  • While agent portals are the most used channel for new business submission, life insurers note resistance to digital adoption and are surprised that agents are not leveraging portals, e-apps, and digital marketing more widely.
  • As larger agencies, brokers and BGAs demand faster and more flexible compensation arrangements, insurers will feel an increasing push for direct data integration with agency systems – with over 65% of CIOs feeling that agents are not entirely satisfied with compensation tech.

For further information, please click here to download the full research report.

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