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Self-Service Demos

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Test Drive the most Innovative Solutions for Life Insurance and Annuities. Easy to use Self-Service Demos without the pressure of a Sales Person. After you have experienced these amazing solutions yourself, you will understand how they will Transform your Business, Reduce Costs, and Grow Your Sales!


Click the Demo buttons below to test drive the Self-Service Demos. Learn more about each solution in the InsurTech Express SOFTWARE STORE.

Overview of Self Service Demos


eXtract Plus APS Analysis


Features for eXtract Plus:

  • For an Underwriter, Easily Create a Searchable Document (Extracting Vitals, Medications & Key Information using AI Technology)
  • Render Medical Records (APS) & Lab Documents with Hyperlinks & Cover Pages
  • Validate 3rd party APS Summary for Missing Critical Information
  • Training Tool for Underwriters
  • eAPS Module (APS Summary Service)
  • Data Feeds to Reinsurers
  • Cloud or On Premise

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eValuate Field Underwriting and Term Life Insurance Sales Quoting Tool (Single & Multi-Carrier)


Features for eValuate:

  • Real Time Underwriting Results
  • Co-Morbidities
  • Substandard Table Ratings
  • Single & Multi-Carrier
  • Term Quoting
  • Email Results to Underwriter
  • eValuate PLUS (Rapid Underwriting Decisions)



Ensight Intelligent Quote and Life Insurance Virtual Sales Presentation Platform


Features for Ensight:

  • Ensight Intelligent Quote: Case Design with integrated single entry quoting and advance product benchmarking
  • Ensight Presentations: Life and Annuity wholesaler, producer, and financial professional – Transforms any client engagement, including virtual remote sales discussions 
  • Ensight Data Intelligence: Increase Sales Yields through Advanced Data Analytics

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Life Insurance for the Digital Agent. Click-To-Buy

Quote, eApp, & Instance Issue


Features for Click-To-Buy:

    • Consumer Click-To-Buy
    • No Paper & No Exams Term Insurance up to $1,000,000 Coverage
    • Guarantee Issue, AD&D, Disability, and HMA Insurance
    • Market URL on Social Media
    • Agent/Agency Commissions
    • Software is FREE except for optional customization
    • API Available
    • B2C Model Retain Your Agent Ecosystem





SmartOffice Anywhere CRM for Mobile Devices and Laptops


Features for SmartOffice Anywhere:

    • Contacts
    • Advisors
    • Agencies
    • Policies 
    • Presales
    • Investment
    • Calendar
    • Notes
    • Activities